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Immortalizing Your Vacation

Feet Mark the Spot
Feet Mark the Spot
Lucinda Belden

You know the guy who does a silly dance in each location he visits around the globe and now he is all over YouTube. Do you have a gig like that? Sometimes you start it on accident, maybe you are copying someone else's idea or you might not have any clue at all...when you travel, is there something you always do, say or take a photo of that punctuates the vacation as yours?

It doesn't even have to be a video, even a set photo can signify you have reached an important pinnacle during your travels. For me - it's my feet. You hardly ever see feet in photos yet they are one of our main modes of transportation - they get us to that next important point in our travels. So I give mine a deserving photo snap in the most important places. They have stood in the Vatican, posed in the colloseum and marched around the Egyptian and Mayan Pyramids and so much more.

So, what have you consistently been including in your photos that draws out who you are, what you believe or is central to you? It's there and you may not even know it. Immortalize your vacation with your own distinct icon. How do you find that icon?

  1. Look for something physical to represent a belief.
  2. Use part of yourself to identify your perspective on travel.
  3. Pick something from your surroundings that you love and zoom in a a particular aspect.

Bring yourself into your photo, whether it is through though, feeling or physical for greatest and lasting significance.

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