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Immolation on-tour, offering preview for upcoming album, 'Majesty and Decay'


As one the most consistent, longest-running bands in death metal, Yonkers, New York’s Immolation are currently mid-way through their U.S. tour with Nile, Krisiun and Dreaming Dead, on which Immolation are supporting their soon-to-be-released eighth full-length album, Majesty and Decay.

The March 9, 2010 release will mark Immolation’s first album under contract for Nuclear Blast Records, who themselves are no strangers to death metal, having released many classic albums in the mid-1990s such as Dismember’s Like an Ever Flowing Stream (1991), Master’s Master (1990) and Death Strike’s @#$%in' Death (1991).

While Immolation's current tour brings them no closer to Nashville than a February 17th date in Atlanta, Georgia, Nashville fans can at least check out new track, The Purge, which is currently being hosted on the Immolation Myspace.

With the possible exception of 2005's Harnessing Ruin, Immolation has yet to release a single bad album in their entire, 24-year career, so regardless of the quality evident in new single, The Purge, hope remains high that March's Majesty and Decay will continue to build upon the band's storied legacy.


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