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Imminent changes to immigration law enforcement: DHS

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Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced today the Obama administration will very soon reveal amendments on the immigration laws’ enforcement, and also potential changes to deportation policies.

Johnson told ABC News the enforcement of immigration laws “needs to comport with American values ... one of those American values is respect for the sanctity of the family unit.”

A month ago, President Obama instructed Johnson to review practices within immigration law enforcement, to ensure “we are carrying out these policies in the most humane way possible.”

Johnson said he is still in the middle of an extensive review and that has been talking to activists, members of Congress, and his own staff, but expects to have results “pretty soon.”

“I’ve consulted ICE leadership on what our priorities should be, how we could realign them, potentially,” Johnson added. “I am looking for ways to more effectively enforce and administer our immigration laws. I believe there is room for improvement, and hopefully we’ll get to a better place.”