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Immigration: will Arizona law reverberate into Connecticut?


  • James Childs 6 years ago

    If the War on Drugs was done away with, much of this immigration matter would disipate.

  • POd in US 6 years ago

    In our history we have always been able to grow out of our problems. This time is coming to an end. Do we need to stop immigration? No. But we do need to be more selective. We cannot let corporate interests control this debate with their "Americans will not take these jobs" attitude so we need our cheap labor. As an American who used to do "those jobs" through my youth and in college, I object. Americans will do "those jobs" for a living wage. If you cannot find a fast food worker for minimum wage maybe you need to increase what you are offering, yes that may increase prices but that is the free market.
    Businesses are increasing their profits by hiring cheap illegal labor and making us pick up the tab indirectly in increased social services. This will be worse in the long run.
    As a middle class American I often feel like our politicians are worrying about donations from the wealthy and votes (present and future) from illegal/legals. They better worry about us in the middle.

  • Democrat No More 6 years ago

    And Georgia, Iowa and Minnesota. These are just the ones I have heard of TODAY. Most states will hear from their citizens and our desire for enforcement.

    It's all about the jobs and the poor economy.. We need JOBS and not more workers.

  • Earnest in Arizona 6 years ago

    It is apparent Americans far away on the East coast or far North, or in the Midwest do not understand you are being "duped" by the Homeland Security Act, duped into scapegoating illegal immigrants. And jan N. and her "Green" Boys are profitting your tax dollars. I agree we have problems. This nation is the melting pot of immigrants. Why base policy, spend money based on racist attitudes. The law just passed by the Arizona State Legislature endangers every treaty we have with every nation on earth. Such is denial of our ability to keep to treaties. How much worse for our economy if other nations start abusing american visitors, or stop obeying trade agreements, or treat our soldiers with no regard to the Geneva Convention. Maybe you'd better come to Arizona and see the big hole you are pouring your tax dollars into. It's deeper than the Grand Canyon. Your troubles didn't start with Mexicans taking your jobs it started when Al Quida based out of Southern Az did 9/11

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