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Immigration reform: While you were out

Congress and the President have had plenty of time to think about and to address immigration policy, but you know they haven’t been effective at producing one. The reason is that midterm elections are coming soon. What does that mean?

Immigration reform cannot wait
Bill Clark/Roll Call/Getty
  1. Republicans don’t want to be caught being harsh to the voter block of those who care about immigrants, principally ethnic Latin American - Americans. They are already thought not be compassionate, and their views about immigration reform don’t make them appear any better.
  2. Democrats can’t afford to be caught being harsh to ethnic Latin Americans and to illegal immigrants who will one day vote for their party so long as the achieve progress before Republicans does, if they do.

Addressing the topic of immigration reform intelligently isn’t just a matter of “immigration”. It has to do with a larger issue of population size and demographic management. You see, the largest imperative for the federal government is to optimize return on national resources. To do that, the President and Congress must consider the ideal ratio of population to available resources. They must address the vision and model for producing a sustainable economy in America that is not propelled by fossil fuels that are diminishing and will become extinct.

A sustainable economy will be fueled by renewable resources and will improve the quality of air and water, restoring and recovering resources that have been damaged by past behavior and policies.

When the United States government has determined an alternative to capitalism or a modification thereof, then it can model the possible outcomes accounting for the best use of available resources. People are enablers in this scenario. They own the process and the government.

In a competitive world, population size and quality in relationship with natural resources and assets are primary factors in determining the quality of life for all citizens.

This is not a “fits and starts” sort of topic, it demands dedicated and determined initiative to produce an understanding about our economic capacity, our competitive position, and our intended outcomes over time. America’s current governmental behavior is abject negligence.

Metaphorically, America isn’t fiddling while the nation burns, because government leaders don’t have a fiddle and would not know how to play one if they had.

“Billionaires silent on immigration after big push

By ANNA PALMER | 8/21/14 5:03 AM EDT Updated: 8/21/14 1:20 PM EDT
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, billionaire Michael Bloomberg and Citigroup exec Carlos Gutierrez gave immigration reform firepower last year, when they lent their money or names to the cause.

But roughly two months before Election Day, the three groups the business titans helped launch are all but silent on the campaign trail. None of the three have purchased airtime for ads on immigration reform this fall.

Their virtual absence comes as Senate Republican candidates in battleground states are launching attack ads against Democrats accusing them of supporting “amnesty,” leaving pro-immigration reform candidates even more vulnerable and immigration reform even less likely to happen.”

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