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Immigration Reform, or Drawing Lines on Planet Earth

Dear Fence Builders;

On one level, when you really think on it, as one human being on planet Earth yourself, at some point, the drawing of lines on a piece of paper, and building 'secure' fencing to separate groups of people, human beings just like you, is going to seem not only fruitless, with today's world wide mass transit, cell-phones, & I-Pods, & Pads, but at some point, in some place, you will realize; yes, we were all Created equal, with the certain unalienable rights of being a human being.

There is one planet, Earth. We share the same environment. Major natural disasters, and pandemics, could care less about the best of fencing. We truly are the last remaining human family.

Have lived in California all my 70 years, minus a few. Mom's family from St. Louis, Missouri, along the Mississippi for many generations and likely mixed with those already there. My father's people immigrants in the late 1800s through Ellis Island to upstate NY from Europe. A long term partner's family has lived here, right near here, in and around Southern California, and Northern Mexico for hundreds of years, half of his family for thousands & thousands of years!!!

Do you have any idea how many times he has been stopped by the police for 'being Mexican?' Just based on how he looks? What must Native, Original People, think of OUR nation's declaring some legal, and others, illegal? As a self professed 'Christian' nation, we declare that as 'ye treat the least, so you treat me' ... Christ's meaning quite clear for those who call themselves Christian.

Time for America to walk it's talk. We have run our mouths long enough. Without actions based on our founding documents, we are just a shell of whatever former glory we have enjoyed due to our declarations of democracy; that all are Created equal.

'California isn't the typical state on immigration. Nearly 20 years ago, it passed a ballot initiative to crack down on undocumented immigrants. The state became Democratic-leaning not long after, a shift in part attributed to anger from the growing Latino community about the harsh law. The state is now about 38 percent Latino, according to the most recent Census data, compared to the roughly 17 percent of the population made up by Latinos nationwide. California is also among the most immigrant-friendly states in the country. The legislature passed a bill last month to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses, following steps taken by 10 other states.'

A nation is as strong as it's people are healthy, and educated; all of it's people. All human beings with value, by the nature of their being human.

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