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Immigration reform needs a bipartisan solution

What could be a more patriotic gesture than for the sparring rivals in government to produce a bipartisan solution to immigration reform? Doing that could produce a tipping point toward improving government that should be a national imperative. Look, conservatives want to be financially prudent about it. They also have disdain for rewarding lawbreakers. However, there are mitigating circumstances and values at play. Surely liberals would welcome millions of new voters to their ranks as most new immigrants are poor and lower middle class. However, to make converts all that Republicans have to do is what every good business professional would do, and that is turn raw resources into higher yield producers.

Grover Norquist is on board for a breakthrough in immigration reform
Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Education and training are all that is holding immigrants from being higher value performers. However, conservatives who believe in the free enterprise system must also invent, innovate, and create new products and business units that leverage newly developed skilled and knowledgeable labor. That is real work that takes real genius. According to some sources, we have nearly 6 million underemployed geniuses in the country now. The challenge for our government and political leadership is to support their attending market driven needs that are matched with a competitive and motivated labor force. The result is sustainable economics.

“Conservatives prod House Republicans on immigration

By Russell Berman - 05/14/14 02:53 PM EDT

Conservative supporters of immigration reform are joining President Obama in prodding House Republicans to bring legislation to the floor before Congress breaks for its August recess.

Grover Norquist, the anti-tax activist who is in favor of an immigration overhaul, convened allies on a conference call Wednesday to keep up the drumbeat for reform in the face of continued resistance from conservatives in the House.

The call featured Sal Russo, a co-founder of Tea Party Express, voicing support for an immigration overhaul that offered legal status to immigrants in the country illegally.

“Conservatives should be leaders in the immigration reform movement,” Russo said. “There are too many bad ideas on immigration reform that too many conservatives have become satisfied with just saying no. But I think we can do better than that by advancing our own conservative ideas for immigration reform.”

Obama and Senate Democrats have sought to increase pressure on Republican leaders to act in recent days, with the president saying on Tuesday that the House needed to pass legislation in the next “two or three months” for a law to be signed this year.”

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