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Immigration law protest comes to North Carolina

Susan Peralta, a third generation Mexican-American, protests outside the Arizona Capitol Saturday.
Susan Peralta, a third generation Mexican-American, protests outside the Arizona Capitol Saturday.
AP Photo/Matt York

                                                                                                All across the country thousands of people, including North Carolina citizens, rallied in protest of Arizona's new immigration law.  I encourage you to visit for complete coverage of today's event.
Angry citizens across the country are fighting against what they contend is racial profiling. This issue was addressed specifically in the revised law,  according to this Associated Press article taken from the . Duluth Times News.

The text of the bill explains the reasons for it's necessity and the consequences of non-adherence to the guidelines and boundaries set forth by said bill. reporter Noah Bond speaks in his article, Utahns rally against Arizona's immigration law
of a woman who entered the country illegally and was offered services, which speaks volumes for the generosity of the United States of America. She claims that while she is here illegally, she is not a criminal. Where then, is the line drawn?

This controversial immigration law in Arizona has brought a lot of attention to immigration reform. Starting in August, any immigrant not carrying their proper documents with them can get kicked out of the country.

What about the millions of Americans, those who are natural born citizens here and those who migrated to this great country through legal channels? Our jobs are being given to illegal immigrants because they are willing to work for a lower wage.

The national unemployment rate and the overwhelming number of crimes committed by illegal immigrants should put to rest any protests made against the decision of Governor Brewer. I have taken the liberty of searching for sites listing statistics of our national unemployment and crime rate for readers to educate themselves a bit about the seriousness of this situation in order to come to your own educated opinion.

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