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Immigration Amnesty Postponed Part 2

We have culled out millions of prospective contributors to the work force through the birth control method of abortion. Now we cry we don’t have enough workers to hold American jobs. Our calculatedly poor education system isn’t educating our children to do the technical jobs of the future and our government is teaching many of our citizens to avoid work. Where is our leadership leading US.

Immigrant Amnesty is the reform goal!
Photo by Allison Shelley/Getty Images

Many European countries imported low wage workers to take on their menial jobs. An elitist method of providing themselves with low wage hand servants! Eventually the strategy backfired, when they turned into a population of dissatisfied, disenfranchised poor. Cultivating this type of immigration has been shown in Europe to be destructive to those nations! Neighborhoods burned in France because of the unrest the policy cultivated.

Yes, our leaders see US expanding the economy as the only way to extract ourselves out of the gigantic debt we have incurred. Our economic manipulations causing balloons in different segments of our economy, then busts that impede growth! Perhaps managing our money and budgets, spending more intelligently might be an alternative way, then all these false bubbles might not blow up to bite US on the ass.

I say we don’t address immigration reform on the quick! Each time our government does something comprehensively it turns out a mess, just like Obama’s comprehensive healthcare reform, Obamacare! Comprehensive is government code for corruption, a bill that is a honey pot of pork for politicians from which to skim.

Let’s look at the past immigration bills in place and see what didn’t work because they were not enforced. Then let’s enforce what wasn’t and then make any additions necessary to mend the bill. We might find nothing new needs to be added. Certainly we’d see that a whole new bill need not be written. Unless of course amnesty is the sole purpose of any new immigration bill!

Note: Parts 4 and 5 of "Gorebal Warming" will follow!