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Immigration Amnesty Postponed Part 1

I am going off topic before the “Gorebal Warming” series is completed, injecting more timely articles on “Immigration Reform”! Gorebal Warming Parts 4 and 5 will follow!

False immigration efforts
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Speaker of the House John Boehner says he will not address Immigration Reform this year because we cannot trust President Obama to enforce any such laws passed. Only the parts he wishes to enforce that meet his agendas. Obama has declared this numerous times including in his 2014 State of the Union address.

New York Senator Chuck (The Schemer) Schumer suggests we post date the bill, bringing it into effect after Obama’s presidency is over. Schumer is such a sneak, he wants to post date immigration like he has the blank check for the debt. Sneaky Schumer is calculating Hillary may well be the next president and she will be Obama 2.

It would be silly to depend on democrats to keep their word about keeping immigration law agreement and enforcement! Since the 1986 law passed, their agreements on immigration have never been kept by democrats and the laws never enforced by democrat or republican presidents. Immigration law has been ignored and then our leaders want to go and foist the same bill with massively increased amnesty upon the people.

Even conservative columnist George Will is in favor of this process. Laura Ingraham fought tenaciously against Will and Juan Williams, on FOX News Sunday, arguing against the futility, no, insanity of doing the same old thing over and over. Will and Williams both espouse needing additions to the workforce for economic expansion!

Early this millennium they said it was 11 million illegal immigrants they wanted to give amnesty. Other estimates put it as high as 21 million. Some estimates even higher. Now they are using the same estimate of 11 million which will likely be 25 million or more!