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Immigrant granted law license in California

Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia

California’s Supreme Court has allowed Sergio Garcia – a United States illegal for some-twenty years – to be granted a law license, according to Yahoo! News on Friday. It was a unanimous decision by the high court which will likely have implications for future illegal residents of the United States who want to have a professional career in the future, including doctors.

Garcia attended law school and passed the California bar exam required of practicing attorneys on his first attempt. After having been employed on farms and in a grocery store, he can now start his attorney’s career.

This court’s incident follows other actions in the country which have helped persons - who are living in the United States illegally – get a start in their life in the country. Besides efforts to clear the path for citizenship for some persons, there are now states that allow illegal residents to obtain drivers licenses.

In spite of a federal law which does not allow people who are in the United States illegally to obtain professional licenses from government agencies, state lawmakers may decide differently. It is assumed that the decision made in favor of Garcia will have impact in California – but it is not known if its influence will go outside of California’s borders.