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Immigation and the bishops - Hahn v. Williams

In Thursday's National Catholic Reporter, Michael Sean Winters takes down Real Clear Religion editors, Nicholas Hahn's piece in the Weekly Standard. You can read Hahn at (I did not review it - reading that rag makes my eyes burn). You can read MSW at (and please do before you read mine). My comments follow:

Any Catholic author who does not uphold the Torah teaching not to molest the alien and who does not have the spiritual imagination to see the Master speaking on their behalf now needs to take their soul out and look at it - and probably to confession as well - but not to a right-wing priest who will validate their B.S. Or they could notice what the Pope is saying. Some of these are like the relatives of the rich man in Hell, who do not follow the prophets and the law and would not even believe the word of a man risen from the dead (that would be Jesus).

As far as the Mass at the border - it gave food to those who need it. The Mass at the Fortnight for Freedom gave it to those who think they deserve it. It takes no imagination to decide which sacrifice God favors. Jesus would fight for the poor - not for the right not to offer birth control (which, by the way, is not abortefacient) as an employer.

Sadly, Hahn, Weigel and Arroyo seem to favor big food and our consumer society - a part of the GOP coalition - something Pope Francis would surely condemn. Hahn intimates that bishops have no expertise in the immigration area. Someone please show him some of the classic Bing Cosby movies where Irish immigrant priests dealt with an immigrant population. And not just Bing. Can I get a Stella! Stella!

The bishops have no understanding of embryology. They have loads of understanding on immigration - which is also scriptural. The only biblical speaking on embryology is about knitting me in my mother's womb - which is about God, not embryology. I suggest that right wing Catholics want a block on immigration because they lost so badly on health care when those who know something about it - Catholic Health Association - told the truth to enough Catholics on the fence to pass it.

Washington's Cardinal O'Boyle was a leader in the civil rights movement - I suspect he desegregated the Communion rails before most of the rest of the south. It is good that the current bishops have enough moral courage to minister to immigrants - more than ministering equally to black Catholics.

The Church has been a leader in living wage teaching since the 1820s, essentially over 150 years. Most economic theories are hardly older and are certainly no more valid. While the union movement has foundered in recent years, mostly due to Republican Presidents giving it a shove every so often - the Church has been constant.

Winters closing on how evangelization is not from the ambo, but from the trenches is spot on. As Francis says (the saint, not the pope) preach the gospel always - use words only when necessary. Of course, just to underline it in a way MSW won't - any piece in the American Spectator usually speaks directly to the needs of the Republican Party and Conservative movement. The bishops siding with the Pope and the Democrats could potential ruin the relationship some of them have with the GOP electoral establishment - especially on abortion and especially with Latinos. Hahn is right, they should be scared.

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