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Immerse Yourself in a Universe of Passion and Mystery


If you’ve ever wondered where great novel ideas come from, then know that it is from the most random and unexpected places that writers get some of the best ideas. Angelica Thaddeus, a former health care consultant, experienced the same thing when she accidentally came across her father’s medical records while taking care of him. All these files had been stored in the attic for more than thirty years, and once they were brought to light again, they inspired Angelica Thaddeus to write “The Blink of Her Eye.”

This novel is an erotic thriller whose protagonists are Anika Sliwinski - a hospital compliance officer - and Gabriel. While she investigates patient complaints, Anika is attacked by a man who claims she murdered his wife. Gabriel – a seductive, handsome man – rescues her, but things get even more complicated and mysterious when she received a note saying “Stop the Murders.” Worried and confused, Anika accepts Gabriel as her partner and together try to solve the mystery. In trying to do so, they develop strong feeling for each other.

Angelica Thaddeus successfully combined two different genres – erotic romance and medical thriller. At a first glance this novel may seem just another story of passionate love, yet there’s more to “The Blink of Her Eye.” It is a reminder to consumers that they should be vigilant about their own health care. Being aware that her message wouldn’t be met with much enthusiasm if it were presented in a non-fiction form, Angelica Thaddeus opted for fiction, creating a gripping thriller which is bound to seduce all your senses.

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