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Immaculate Conception defeats Newark Academy

Newark Academy vs Immaculate Conception in the third round of the state tournament.
Newark Academy vs Immaculate Conception in the third round of the state tournament.
Reggie Malz

Immaculate Conception defeated Newark Academy, 51-43, in the third round of the NJSIAA state tournament.

Newark Academy's Jocelyn Willoughby
Reggie Malz

Newark Academy's Jocelyn Willoughby is a must-see player. She is a strong outside shooter, she has a consistent tear drop, and can attack the basket. She is unbelievably strong and has the ability to rip the ball out of anyone's hands. She is also one of the best defenders in northern New Jersey, with strength, anticipation, quick feet, and even faster hands. She had 7 rebounds, 7 steals, 1 assist, 1 blocked shot, and 24 points. The score was tied at the end of the first quarter, 10-10.

To start the game, IC's Khay'la Latimer drove to the basket hard a few times. This caused the defense to sag to protect the basket. IC's Nicole Skelly subbed in, found the open space left open, and hit two much needed three-point shots.

Within two minutes into the second quarter IC led 18-10. IC's Paige Frankel was a major factor in her team's win. She played quick and smart defense against anyone handling the ball. She played the point and did a phenomenal job of reading the defense, enabling her to finish with 7 assists and 6 points. She also had 2 rebounds and 2 steals. With 4:15 left in the half, IC led 24-15.

Newark Academy's Taylor Smith works to box out and rebound. In addition to making smart passes, she also had 8 rebounds and 5 points. IC's Jasmine Gee worked hard to get 11 tough rebounds. She also had 3 blocked shots, 1 assist, and 10 points. At the half, IC led 32-24.

IC's Samantha Fuehring was a shot blocking machine. She jumped high and slammed the ball across court a few times. She had 4 blocked shots, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, and 22 points. Newark Academy's Rachel Neiman has a nice jump shot. She can also shoot from the outside. She had 10 points, 3 steals, 1 assist, and 1 rebound. IC led at the end of the third quarter, 45-32.

Immaculate Conception will play in the state sectional championship game against Morris Catholic.

Immaculate Conception Stats
Samantha Fuehring - 5 DR, 1 OR, 3 A, 4 B, 1 S, 22 PTS (2/4 FL)
Jasmine Gee - 7 DR, 4 OR, 3 B, 1 A, 10 PTS (0/1 FL)
Khay'la Latimer - 2 DR, 3 A, 4 PTS (1/2 FL)
Paige Frankel - 2 DR, 2 S, 7 A, 6 PTS (0/1 FL)
Nicole Skelly - 1 DR, 6 PTS
Breyenne Bellerand - 2 DR, 1 OR, 1 S, 2 PTS
Kaitlin McGeown - 1 DR, 1 OR, 1 PT (1/2 FL)

Newark Academy
Jocelyn Willoughby - 3 DR, 4 OR, 7 S, 1 A, 1 B, 24 PTS (5/6 FL)
Karina Menta - 1 OR, 2 A, 2 PTS (2/2 FL)
Taylor Smith - 6 DR, 2 OR, 5 PTS (1/2 FL)
Rachel Neiman - 1 DR, 1 A, 3 S, 10 PTS (2/4 FL)
Hernell Gabriel - 6 DR, 5 O, 1 S, 2 PTS

DR = Defensive Rebound
OR = Offensive Rebound
S = Steals
A = Assists
B = Blocked Shots
PTS = Points (total points scored)
FL = Foul Line (amount made, amount taken)

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