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Imir Williams in trouble for contacting 'Amish Mafia' star again

Esther Schmucker 'Amish Mafia'
Esther Schmucker 'Amish Mafia'
Discovery Channel

Imir Williams, aka Mirkat, boyfriend of Esther Schmucker, star of "Amish Mafia," broke parole again. It seems that Imir and Esther can’t stay away from each other, even if a judge rules that they should.

This is the third time Imir has appeared before Judge Dennis Reinmaker. Just like the other two times, Esther is the reason he's in court.

The last time Imir was in court, Judge Dennis Reinmaker ordered him not to have any contact with Esther. However, Lancaster Online reports that according to testimony, Imir violated the court order more than 400 times while in jail.

At first, the contact was between Imir and Esther, but after a time, it changed. Imir allegedly went around the court order by appointing a contact person to take his place. He had another inmate call Esther instead.

Imir tried to apologize to the judge, but he was quickly silenced when Judge Reinmaker demanded, “How many times do you think you get to say that? Until I say that’s garbage?”

Imir told the judge why he violated the no contact order. He said he had to contact Esther because she was involved in a serious car accident. "I didn't even find out about the accident until reading the newspaper. I've been sitting in jail and realized my freedom is important.” Then he said those three little words, “I love her, your honor.”

Judge Reinmaker gave Imir some advice. "We're not stupid. You should gave figured that out by now. "Everybody out there knows you and knows your circumstance. And they're only too happy to to let (parole department) and police know. If you haven't figured that out, with all this publicity, then you're pretty foolish."

Alan Goldberg, Imir’s attorney tried to explain why Imir violated the judge’s orders. He said, “He did what he thought he had to do as a man.”

Alan cleared up the question on whether Esther would be back on “Amish Mafia.” He said that Esther is “no longer involved with the show.”

In 2013 on Halloween night, Imir brutally beat the "Amish Mafia" star in the face. The force of his blows broke Esther’s nose, fractured her cheekbone, and broke several of her teeth. She had to have cosmetic surgery to help repair the damage he inflicted on her. Imir served two months in jail for his actions.

On January 31, 2014 and February 21, 2014, police were summoned to a domestic disturbance call. The police found Imir in Esther’s house each time. He blatantly violated the court order, but didn’t care. He failed a drug test, too. Because he violated his parole, he was sentenced to another five months.

At that time, Esther denied everything on her Facebook page. After Imir beat her the first time, Esther seemed dedicated to help other abused women. When she took Imir back into her life and home, she would no longer be a good role model for other women. She has been very quiet on Facebook. Her last post was a picture of herself in English clothes, early in July

What the judge rules this time, has not been revealed yet. Come back again for further updates.

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