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iMedicor reborn


What has become known as “iMedicor” was born in July of 2001 to address the rapidly shifting realities of the health care industry. As with most businesses health care had long been a pen and paper world where vital data was stored on and transferred on paper impressed with often critically important ink. For well over a decade iMedicor under the genius leadership of Fred Zolla continued to develop as the world leader in bringing health care fully into the digital age. And then along came the Affordable Care Act a/k/a “Obama Care.”

Now the heat was on full bore. Regardless of anyone’s political persuasion the simple truth is that American health care services were being dramatically changed and iMedicor was in the perfect place to help facilitate the process and concurrently emerge as one of the true leaders in the future of American medical information services.

To meet this new and exciting reality Fred Zolla handed the baton of leadership to Robert McDermott in 2013. For more than two decades McDermott has demonstrated his strong leadership skills. The impressive leadership of McDermott brought his company on to the prestigious INC 500 as the 173rd fastest growing company in America. As Chief Executive Officer, Robert McDermott and his revitalized team have taken full charge of iMedicor.

iMedicor is focused on electronic health records in general and their fast, safe and compliant transfer in particular. These days the computer terminal is as common in the doctor’s office as a stethoscope. However, the process of transferring those health records as required and in full compliance with federal law presents a wide range of technical issues. iMedicor has positioned itself as the leader in this ever more critical field.

But our occasionally bright Congress has also come to understand that shifting the entire medical world to an all new fully integrated all digital universe takes time, knowledge and money. To that end has emerged the concept of “meaningful use.” Essentially that means that when a health care provider makes the switch the provider can be reimbursed for some or all of the costs involved. This is the second major element of iMedicor’s core business. IMedicor provides “meaningful use” consulting services to its rapidly growing group of health care providers. For complete details please refer to:

What all of this means in my view is that after more than a decade of development and growth iMedicor is now finally poised to soar into the happy realm of profitability. There is no question but that the company revenues are on the march. But being the prudent management team that they are they have refused to at this time provide me or anyone else but their auditors any detailed information. However, the financial data is indeed in the hands of their auditors and up to date financial filings are expected from iMedicor in the near term.

Given its long history and the present state of our health care scene in America I have no doubt but that the current share price for iMedicor stock at well under one penny a share is indeed an insanely low price and one that by no means accurately or adequately reflects the true value of the company. [SEE: VMCI:OTC] Of course no one can reasonably predict with any certainty any company’s future or share price. But it has become abundantly clear to me that iMedicor has come a very long way and is indeed now in an ideal position. In past reviews of this company I have been both positive and critical. But with the new management team and the current trends I am strongly bullish on the future of this exciting company. The inevitable convergence of multiple events in our society have created the perfect storm for iMedicor’s huge success. Those blessed with foresight and courage stand to prosper in ways rarely seen.

Copyright 2014 Ronald Irwin

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