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IMCreator Site Creator Makes Site Building Easy

IMCreator Web Hosting and Site Builder
IMCreator Web Hosting and Site Builder

It's hard to believe that hundreds of thousands of new web sites and blogs are being created every day. This also means that there are millions of people who will start a web site or blog of their own for the first time evert month.

The massive attraction behind creating a web site or blog of your own is that everyone wants to have their own little piece of the internet to create something amazing. In previous years you would have to learn about HTML and FTP to create a web site and get it live on the internet. Now the process is much easier thanks to sites that make the process almost dummy-proof.

One example of these dummy-proof services is, which makes it easy for someone to join their free web design and hosting service and learn how to create a site or blog of their own without the need to learn programming, graphic design work or even the basics of Wordpress.

One of the reasons why IMCreator has found so much success in the world of online site building and hosting, where the competition is extremely competitive, is that the company has created a quality product that not only is easy to understand and use, but works great as well.

Since the New York based company went live with their service, they already have over 4,327,084 sites created through their service. It's also important to note that the sites has been featured on major news outlets such as The Next Web, Venture Beat, CBS and The New York Times. Makes It Easy for Site Owners to Make Money through Referrals

One of the best ways to reach new audiences and customers on the internet is through the use of creating an affiliate program. The concept of an affiliate program is to reward site partners with a commission every time they send a new referral to your business.

IMCreator recently launched their own affiliate program and are currently paying out $35 for each new sale through their site. In addition to the free services that offers, users can also upgrade their accounts for $7.95 a month, which will include the use of a premium domain name, a custom email address, access to Google analytics, unlimited hosting space / bandwidth and new design templates.

To learn more about the IMCreator affiliate program, you can visit their web site and sign up for acceptance into their program. The program is currently setup and managed through the HasOffers affiliate platform and each partner site will be setup with their own unique affiliate link and backend login details to access full stats and info.

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