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Imbolc decorating ideas

Floating candles are good Imbolc decorations
Floating candles are good Imbolc decorations
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Imbolc falls on February 2nd. Although some Pagans celebrate this Sabbat on the 2nd, others will start their celebration at sunset on January 31st. Imbolc is a time to for purity, fertility, growth and renewal. During this time many Pagans get rid of the old to make way for new things. On this day, Pagans honor the Goddess Brighid. Decorating one’s home for upcoming Sabbats has become popular for Bangor area Pagans. The following are some items that are associated with Imbolc and decorating ideas for the Sabbat.

Imbolc colors

White, pale yellow, lavender, pink, red, pale grey, silver, and light green are colors that are associated with Imbolc. When choosing Imbolc decorations, it is good to keep these colors in mind.

Stones of Imbolc

There are quite a few stones associated with Imbolc. These stones include; amethyst, bloodstone, black onyx, garnet, ruby, and turquoise.

Imbolc flowers

White and pale yellow flowers are associated with the Imbolc Sabbat. The flowers can be real. If real flowers can’t be found in the area, fake flowers can be purchased at a local craft store.

Animals of Imbolc

Cows, calves, sheep, lambs, groundhogs, and goats are some of the animals of Imbolc. The adult females are linked to Imbolc because of the milk they produce for their young. Baby animals are associated with this Sabbat because of all of the new life that will be coming into the world during the spring months.

Imbolc decorating ideas

  • Place Imbolc colored candles on windowsills throughout the home. Only burn them when you are there to keep an eye on the flame.
  • Use a pale grey table cloth to cover the kitchen table. For a centerpiece, place some Imbolc stones in the bottom of a clear vase. Place some white and pale yellow flowers into the vase. If the flowers are real, remember to put some water into the vase as well.
  • During the fall months pick up three different colored ears of dried corn. In late January, tie the ears of corn together with silver ribbon. Hang some bells on the ribbon or the bottoms of the corn. Hang the corn wreath on the front door of the house.
  • Place knickknacks of Imbolc animals in windowsills or use them as table centerpieces.
  • Make garland from fake white and yellow flowers to hang around windows and/or doorframes.
  • Make a Brighid’s cross to hang on the door or a wall inside of the house.
  • Place baskets of white and yellow flowers throughout the home.
  • Fill clear jars with Imbolc stones and place them on shelves, tables, or windowsills.
  • Place Imbolc stones into the bottom of a glass candle bowl. Add water to the bowl and place floating candles in the bowls. These candle bowls can be put on display on tables throughout the home.
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