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IMAX Trailer for Tom Cruise's Sci-Fi Epic 'Edge of Tomorrow'

Tom Cruise is pretty tough to kill in any movie he's in, but in Doug Liman's Edge of Tomorrow his survival ability is taken to ridiculous new levels. Set in the distant future, the film has Cruise as Lt. Col Bill Cage, an officer without a lick of combat experience who is thrust in a war against an invading alien force. When he's quickly killed, rather than that being the end of his story, Cage is thrust into a time-loop and forced to relive the fight over and over.

Edge of Tomorrow opens June 6th

A new IMAX exclusive trailer gives another look at the impressive visuals and large-scale action sequences, while also providing a bit more context to the story. We see more of the aliens Cruise is fighting, along with the cutthroat training he undergoes from Emily Blunt's character.

Also starring Bill Paxton, Brendan Gleeson, and Jonas Armstrong, Edge of Tomorrow opens June 6th.

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