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Imagine the students and the classrooms as the centers of LAUSD

The centers are: the office of the superintendent, the board meeting room (with the meetings making the news), the downtown administrator’s offices, and the educational services centers.

It has been that way for years. Politics and the LAUSD bureaucracy have created a monstrosity that benefits everyone but the students and the teachers. In my 30+ years, I have seen the deterioration of the district, the us (downtown) versus them (teachers) excoriating the situation and making teacher morale so much lower.

Teachers, who know what should be, are never consulted, and are told how things should be and that they must follow or flee to other professions.

Many veteran teachers, who could have done a quality job for years more, have retired prematurely citing their lack of independence to do things the right way, their loss of creativity, no time for a little fun in the classroom, and as they leave they are contrasting how things were for the teachers who only know teaching to the test.


Teachers and students at the center.

Education at their forefront, not testing.

Producing well rounded students, not test scores.

Turning out thinkers not followers.

Generating doers and producers.


Teachers used to be praised.

Teachers were heroes.

Children and parents looked up to and admired their teachers.

Teachers were the ultimate authorities and keepers of the knowledge to their students.


Teachers get the blame even though they don’t make the choices; even though they are never consulted; even though they are the ones that create a world of education for their students everyday in their classrooms.

How did teachers go from heroes to being treated like the steroid users in baseball?

How did teachers go from underdogs to being kicked like stray dogs?

How did teachers go from being loved to being demeaned?

Downtown did it!

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