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Imagine Dragons backstage at the 2014 Grammy Awards

Imagine Dragon at the 2014 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Pictured from left to right: Ben McKee, Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon and Daniel Platzman.
Imagine Dragon at the 2014 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Pictured from left to right: Ben McKee, Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon and Daniel Platzman.
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The 56th Annual Grammy Awards took place on Jan. 26, 2014, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Here is what this Grammy winner said backstage in the press room.


Winner of:

Best Rock Performance: “Radioactive”

You got pretty dirty during your Grammy Awards performance. Are you going to party with all those red stains are will you take a shower first?

Dan Reynolds: We were just asking ourselves that.

Daniel Platzman: It’s still being debated.

Reynolds: What do you think? Rock the red? The only problem was that Beyoncé came up right when we got off stage. She was like, “I loved your performance.” And she was in this beautiful white gown. And I was like, “If I stain Beyoncé’s beautiful white dress, I’ll never forgive myself.”

So you missed out on hugging Beyoncé?

Reynolds: I did and I was upset about that. It’s my regret of the night.

Have you been surprised by all your success in the past year that has led up to you winning a Grammy?

Reynolds: Totally. For four years, we played rock clubs across the United States, like many bands out there. We never created a song thinking we would get embraced by radio. And “It’s Time” took off, and then “Radioactive” and then “Demons.” This last year has been a whirlwind. We didn’t expect anything. We just rolled with the punches. And they’ve been nice punches, like love taps.

What was it like performing at the Grammys with Kendrick Lamar?

Reynolds: Amazing. Awesome. The Grammys reached out to us and said that Kendrick had requested to work with us. And we were already a huge fan of Kendrick’s, so it was a no-brainer for us. We got into a room with him, and ideas bounced off, and we were on the same page.

We wanted something that was raw, something that pushed some boundaries and that really brought rap and rock together. Today, I feel like the lines are blurred — no reference to “Blurred Lines” — between genres. And I think this represented that in a lot of ways.

Can you talk about how popular you’ve become as a live act?

Reynolds: The No. 1 thing to us in the very beginning is that the band was performance. That’s the reason why we got into music. As much as we love red carpets, it’s all about the performance for us. So to walk away with Best Rock Performance, and to be able to perform [at the Grammys this year], that was everything to us.

And it’s a double-edged sword, in all honesty, because we grew up listening to so many of the bands we were nominated with, like Led Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age and Jack White — these are legends and incredible rock performers … It was a nice night for us. Thank you for this [Grammy]. That’s how I feel.

Your producer Alex da Kid said that he’s going to work with you on Imagine Dragons’ next album. Can you give us an update?

Reynolds: We just bought a house in Las Vegas, which is our hometown, and we renovated it into a studio. We’ve been writing on the road. We just want to take our time. I feel like the biggest mistake young bands can make is that they rush out their second album.

And so, we’re going to take our time and make sure we get it right. We feel like we have a lot of growing to do. And so, we’re going to make sure we take our time and get there before we release anything.

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