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Imagine a world without chocolate

I Love Chocolate
I Love Chocolate
Renise Black

Woke up this morning and read that the Ivory Coast is trying to halt its export of cocoa beans through the end of February. This country produces 36% of the world's cocoa beans and would certainly mean higher chocolate prices. Supply and demand 101 at work. It got me thinking, what would Valentines Day be like without chocolate?

Imagine no chocolate cake. Hershey's kisses and their chocolate spa probably would not be invented. What about chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips? All around us love is in the air and filled with the flavor of chocolate.

Brief history of Valentine's Day
Named after St. Valentine's day, it has been celebrated for 2500 years. It is meant to be a day of love and affection for that special person in your life. The traditional gifts are flowers, confections and cards. But today chocolate makes up a huge part of this annual celebration. How important is chocolate to Valentine's day? Well one estimate by Holidash says that chocolatiers make about 58 million pounds of chocolate around Valentine's day.

Valentines day really flourished in the middle ages onward. It all began with cards and drawings made by printers. Then once the postal service was established valentines could be mailed out anonymously instead of being hand delivered and giving away the mystery.

Life without chocolate
Fast forward to 2011 and Google 'valentine's day chocolate' and you will get over 38 million results. Chocolate has become the food of valentines day. It is marketed as the perfect valentines day gift and is even bundled with other gifts like stuffed animals and jewelry.

A visit to and you will land in chocolate lover's heaven. You want it they have available for sale. But what would the world be like if chocolate was never invented? What would Valentine's day be like? No brownies or chocolate cake or chocolate chip cookies. Delicious chocolate truffles, mousse and trifles…poof…gone! No more chocolate covered popcorn, nuts and pretzels. Or maybe they would be covered in white chocolate. And of course the marriage of coffee and chocolate is legendary.

Maybe the word itself would not even exist. So all the colors and shades of chocolate that have become popular today would not exist. The removal of that one word and food would have a big impact on our existence. Think about all the shades of chocolate brown.

Imagine life without chocolate. Does chocolate make the world a better place? Maybe, just maybe, it does!


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