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Imagine a better world

The desire for joy, pleasure, connection, beauty, and love is hardwired into everyone. Just consider what you dream about. What are your heart’s deepest longings? Likely they include all of these basic human needs. They may also include fun, freedom, and timelessness. Whatever you wish for, one thing is clear: this world cannot satisfy your soul’s unquenchable thirst for heaven.

If you want to understand why many people are drawn to the idea of heaven, consider children’s affection for Disney World. It may seem a bit strange, but the same driving force that compels the young to travel to this fantasy world also compels millions of believers to look forward to a place of wonder, beauty, and excitement. The sense of awe and openness that comes to children so easily is what many grownups look forward to reclaiming in eternity. It’s in our nature to want the good things life has to offer, both this life and the next life.

But this life can be tough. At birth we come into a world full of suffering, trials, and sorrow. And this is true for everyone: the rich, the poor, the old and young, the countless unknown, celebrities; it doesn’t matter who you are, this world will inevitably cause you pain.

It’s no wonder why we look forward to something better. The hope for heaven is a natural part of the human experience. Deep down, even battle-hardened cynics who have been hurt and close themselves off from life carry the remnants of a wish for a world free from suffering. As long as humans exist, wanting paradise will remain as central in people’s consciousness.

Heaven holds great appeal and a special place in our hearts, and for countless people who desire it, the hope for endless bliss is what gets them through life on earth. And, in all the debate and controversy about whether heaven exists at all, perhaps it’s not as hard to imagine as you think.


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