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Imagination enhances visualization for manifestation

When it comes to manifesting a desire, you may be wondering if it is better to clearly visualize your goal or leave an open space in your mind for Divine Wisdom to guide you to your highest goals. But, is there a middle ground? It helps to understand the mechanics of manifestation and the spiritual laws that support it so that you can manifest in the way that works best for you!

Keep in mind that though there are different approaches to manifestation, the universal laws that govern manifestation are non-negotiable. For example, we activate the Law of Attraction when we think a thought repeatedly and constantly feel the emotional energy of that frequent thought. A persistent thought and subsequent feeling will ultimately attract experiences that resonate with that persistent thought and feeling. This is further supported by the Law of Perpetual Transmutation, which states that energy is constantly and ceaselessly changing form, which explains how a mental thought can become a physical thing or experience.

Here is a breakdown of the various ways we can manifest a desire:

  1. Creative Visualization: Hold a constant and crystal clear vision of the thing that we desire in our minds as specifically as possible. Use meditation, supportive rituals, spoken affirmations and prayers of gratitude for that which we desire already being present to activate the law of perpetual transmutation.
  2. Visioning: Meditate and pray for the will of God (Universe, Infinite Intelligence, etc.) to be shown to us so that we can accept the highest possible outcome rather than asking for something specific to happen for us. This activates the power of intuition and asks us to have faith in the unseen. We do not push our mental images or desires upon God, but instead ask that God’s will be done, trusting that God's will is our greatest happiness.
  3. Imaginative Prayer: Using your imagination, create a sense of how you want to feel and thank God in advance for leading you clearly to that experience in whatever way is best for all involved. For example, let’s say you wish to manifest success, but you aren’t sure exactly what that would look like to you. Instead of visualizing a picture, use your imagination to get clear on what success would feel like to you. Then, pray to be shown clear direction in how to create the feeling of success you desire – rather than asking for a specific picture of success. This is especially helpful for those of us who are not particularly visual or who aren’t quite sure about what we want or how to get there!

Our subconscious minds create based off of what we have already seen or experienced, so our "vision" is extremely limited and is really a “perception” rather than vision. Higher vision, on the other hand, comes from the field of pure potentiality and is limitless in nature.

When we create using visualization, we are creating from our own memory bank – we are formulating images based on things we have already seen. However, we don’t know our own best interest - but our Higher Self does.

Therefore, if we open our minds to listen and receive the vision of Infinite Intelligence rather than relying on our own thoughts to guide us, we may be blown away by the ideas that come to us - and how they take shape in the physical world! When we use our imaginations, we invite intuition and the realm of the unseen to enter and expand our awareness of what’s possible.

So, you can definitely be specific about your desires if it helps you get juiced up emotionally, but also keep in mind that something even greater or more perfect for you may be the higher plan for you - so leave room for the Universe to surprise you!

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