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Imagicopter's Waypoint Six - Christmas in Lebanon


 Imagicopter’s Waypoint Six - "Christmas in Lebanon"

December 19, 20091:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Sherlock's Book Emporium

200 Maddox-Simpson Parkway

Lebanon, TN 37090

Attending are:

H. David Blalock

Sam Flegal

Allan Gilbreath

Sara Harvey

David Nora

Stephanie Osborn

Kimberly Richardson

M. R. Williamson

Stephen Zimmer

This is an Imagicopter book signing tour you won’t want to miss, a variety of Goth, Steam Punk, Vampires, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, and Science Fiction all under one roof at Sherlock's Book Emporium

Formed in June 2009, a group of writers got together and decided to work toward promoting their own publications while lending a hand to other writers and artists. From that came Imagicopter. "Imagicopter" is the umbrella name for the tour supported by authors whose works have appeared in Kerlak Publishing, Meadowhawk Press, Seventh Star Press, Twilight Times Books, Third Axe Media and Sam's Dot Publishing and by Word Catchers of Memphis. With the cooperation of several small press publishers, local authors, artists, and booksellers, the project soon took off. Imagicopter is a now a group of dozens of writers and artists from Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and Iowa. From an original group of five writers, it rapidly grew until now there are more than 40 participating in Imagicopter events, with more signing on regularly. This is a totally voluntary organization. Participation on the site, at the events, and at the conventions we attend is completely voluntary.

At events arranged by the coordinators, Imagicopter authors and artists from the local area and the MidSouth gather together to promote, encourage, and improve their own work and that of others while aiming to support the community at large. The attendees most often include local writers and artists, and are supported by writers from the local writers' groups.

The intent of Imagicopter is to provide local writers and artists a venue to showcase and sell their work. A totally volunteer organization, Imagicopter works to enable local Arts Councils, libraries, galleries, and independent book stores providing talent for their events and programs, while making an effort to support local charities by donating portions of the proceeds of each event or coordinating with their goals.

In August 2009, Imagicopter launched its tour from Davis-Kidd Booksellers in Memphis, Tennessee, featuring 11 writers and two artists, raising money for the Memphis Literacy Council. In September, Imagicopter went to Hernando, Mississippi to support the Desoto Arts Council with an event attended by 10 writers and artists. Several Imagicopter writers attended the GMX Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, the weekend of October 2-4 as invited guests. On October 17 Imagicopter authors attended an event at the Eudora Welty Library with 18 authors, nine of which were local, and collected donations for Stewpot. On October 31 Imagicopter presented a Halloween event at the Hot Springs Arkansas Fine Arts Center. On November 6 and 7, several Imagicopter writers were featured at a two-day event in Corinth, Mississippi sponsored by a local bookseller. The Imagicopter authors’ tour continues across the MidSouth with several upcoming events booked on into June 2010.

Imagicopter writers and artists scheduled to attend or be featured in events across the MidSouth through 2010 are featured on the Imagicopter website.