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Images from the 2010 Denver Gay Pride Parade



  • JR Bailey Casper Christianity Examiner 6 years ago

    Hello there,

    I'm truly amazed that nearly 30 YEARS after the arrival of HIV/AIDS into the USA, people choose to continue to engage in personal behaviours which cause so much devastation, suffering, and death to themselves and others.

    During the last few years, the one segment of society which the CDC (Center for Disease Control) says continues to rise in the increase of HIV infection rates, is that of young homosexuals.

    A person even moderately interested in personal and communal health issues cannot open a magazine, see a billboard on the roadside, or a placard on a public bus, or watch a film, or turn on the television, without seeing ads about HIV prevention.

    HIV Prevention education has been promoted 24/7/365 for almost 20 years, so what excuses do young homosexuals and/or the HRC and other pro-homosexual agenda NGO's have to make?

    No one at this march had anything about which to be 'proud' considering such continued rises in HIV infection rates.


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