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Image management: create your individual style

Have you ever wonder why celebrities look like a million bucks? Do you wish you could put together a great outfit without second guessing yourself? You don’t need to have a lavish Hollywood bank account to access stylish clothing or a personal stylist. It is possible to create individual style with affordable image management services to accommodate the daily events in your life. The secret to looking like a celebrity or a social icon is to have a great personal stylist, personal shopper, image consultant or fashion consultant that provides you with image management services and expert beauty advice. A Baltimore personal stylist or image consultant is no longer a luxury reserved for the rich and famous.

There are likely to be a few individuals in your work place or social circle who could easily qualify for the cover of GQ or Marie Claire. If you stop and take notice of these individuals, you can easily tell who draws attention to themselves with their style of clothing and extraordinary grooming habits. The majority of these people are authentic because they have their own personal style of clothing and wardrobe management tips. They have mastered the tools of individual style and could easily pass as a style icon. Now you might say, ‘I don’t need to look attractive or appealing to be recognized,” and my response is this: If you don't worry about your personal appearance, chances are you won’t have to worry about getting ahead. If you don’t focus on your appearance or individual style than nobody else will. keep in mind clothes make the man!

A Baltimore image consultant helps individuals create authentic personal style by providing fashion and beauty services along with other image management tools. These image and fashion experts provide personal shopping services in which they help create a stylish wardrobe that is suited for your individual shape, body structure, facial features, skin tones, lifestyle, personality, professional and personal goals. The key to finding your signature style in not necessarily about what you wear, but how you wear it! When you appear attractively dressed and well groomed, you quietly broadcast a confidant attitude and feel great. Others are sure to notice this subtle change and it will in turn affect how they perceive you. Your image is something that is exposed for the world to see, you can’t hide it. A Baltimore image consultant provides wardrobe consultant tips that will successfully allow you to create a powerful personal appearance and make a lasting first impression!

Your image is a direct representation of your values, attitudes, personality and lifestyle. It communicates to the world around you without ever having to say a word! You never get a second chance to make a first impression. A Baltimore image consultant can help you use your clothing and grooming as effective image management tools to ensure a powerful personal image. They do this in many different ways including:

  • Personality Evaluation – individual personality is a crucial element in creating personal style. A Baltimore image consultant will understand you comfort box and comfortably nudge you out of your comfort zone. Your personal appearance should be a reflection of your inner self and you should feel comfortable in the “skin you’re in.” Change should be subtle and suit your personality, an image consultant understand how to successfully merge the two.
  • Personal and/ or Career Goals – Your image should be a reflection of the goals you set for yourself. You should dress for the job you want not the job you have. Your appearance should complement the personal goals you have set for yourself. For example, if you are entering the dating world; your personal appearance will differ from someone who is married with a family to care for.
  • Skin Tone Analysis – A Baltimore image consultant will teach you what colors are best suited for your skin type by determining the natural shades and undertones of your skin. Color can make or break you. The right color will make you look vibrant while the wrong color can easily wash you out making you appear tired. Color communicates many things including: tradition, power and relevance.
  • Body Structure Analysis – This is to determine the overall shape of your body structure and weight placement. It is important to know where weight settles on individual body types. Ultimately, weight placement will determine the overall silhouette of a person’s body. This is an important tool used by Baltimore image consultants in order to find appropriate styles that will flatter you body type. There is no good or bad body type. The key is to understand your shape and dress accordingly.

A Baltimore image consultant can explain what garments will flatter your while making recommendations about what is worth investing in and what’s not. They will also show you how to maximize your investment to get the most out your wardrobe selections. A Baltimore image consultant has a keen sense of color. Many people do not know how powerful and transforming color can be. Playing around with color can be intimidating. Wearing the right color for your skin tone can alter the look of your weight, height and facial features. Seeking professional image management services will take the guess work out of a powerful personal appearance. You will look like a celebrity and appear flawless. You no longer have to second guess yourself or your fashion choices. A Baltimore Image Consultant is devoted to helping people feel their very best. Don’t you think it is time to discover your inner beauty and take control of your personal style? Treat yourself like a celebrity by stepping into to the spotlight!