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Image Entertainment offers a chance to win from ‘All Cheerleaders Die’

The horror genre has always produced some really fun films, but when some humor is brought into the mix the risk of losing fun and get just bad. The latest looking to bring the blood and fun together is All Cheerleaders Die from I Know Who Killed Me director Chris Sivertson and The Woman director Lucky McKee.

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In the film, teenage outsider Maddy is keeping some dark secrets and holding a serious grudge against the captain of the Blackfoot High football team. When Maddy joins the school's elite and powerful cheerleading squad, she convinces her new friends to help inflict her revenge. After a late-night party goes awry, their plans take an unexpected turn for the worst and all of the girls die. A sinister, supernatural power intervenes and the girls mysteriously appear at school the next day with a killer new look… and some unusual new appetites. This film is a lot of fun and while a lot of the characters seem to jump right into the violence and evil with very little reasoning or thought if you just go with it you are likely to have a lot of fun. This is far from a perfect film, but is surely a lot of fun and worth checking out. Not sure if there are going to be more, but with the twist ending and the title card at the end it implies it is possible and welcome fun.

Now fans of the genre have a chance to get on the fun with a chance to win a DVD copy of the film as well as a copy of the vinyl soundtrack. To win, all you have to do is subscribe to my page and answer the trivia question below. Please make sure to email in your answer and do not post it below or it will not be counted. A random winner will be chosen and contacted for your information to receive your prize.

Question: “Which film from director Chris Sivertson has won the most Razzie Awards in one year and what film beat its record years later?”

Remember email those answers in and have no fear, if you do not win you can still check out All Cheerleaders Must Die available now.

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