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Imadoki: Nowadays: review and recommendation

This recommendation and review is on Imadoki: Nowadays. It is by Yuu Watase. It is released by Viz Media. It has five volumes.

volume 1 cover

It is about a girl named Tanpopo. She tested into a prestigious. After she moves to Tokyo, she decides to explore the school campus. She meets a boy who’s planting a dandelion (Tanpopo in Japanese). When she talks to him he’s complaining about her ruining his Tanpopo, which causes her to answer, because that’s her name. She goes home and sees him on her first day of school, but he’s different than the person she met. He’s also the son of the founder. Though on her first day she finds out that real flowers are prohibited from being planted to prevent the possible allergies of any rich kids. Yeah, that right, it’s a rich kids school and Tanpopo in their eyes is ruining there school, because she’s a scholarship student. Soon she starts a planting committee, which she gets Scoop (that’s what she calls him) involved. She decides to plant real flowers which everyone ruins, but she doesn’t get expelled, because her new friend change the rules in his fathers stead. During this entire time, she tries to prove to her guy friend that not everyone wants to be his family because of what family he is from. But does she ever prove herself and become friends? You’ll have to read for yourself!

It’s your typical shoujo, but with more real life drama. It’s a very sweet story. If you like anything by Watase-sensei, then this is series for you. Its one of the few that doesn’t involve anything to do with fantasy. It’s also on her shortest series.

It is rated for Teens and up. This examiner recommends this for everyone.

If you live in the Colorado Springs area, you can find this at you PPLD branch.


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