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Illinois woman ticketed by her Facebook post for using dog park without a permit

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Christine Adamski, 25, was issued a $50 citation through the mail at her Bolingbrook home last week by the Will County Forest Preserve District for not procuring a permit for her pet at the local dog park based on a comment she posted on Facebook reported Thursday's Chicago Tribune.

Adamski laughed and said, " I was like, this is totally untrue. Obviously I'm not going to pay this," as the ticket was included with a dog park permit, and a freeze shot of her social media post, "admitting her guilt."

So what happened? Should we stop posting on Facebook and never take our dogs to the parks anymore?

Adamski had not been to the Whalon Dog Park since last year and had posted on the Facebook group that she had been feeling bad that she had not purchased a permit for her dog at the dog park. A Will County Forest Preserve employee had seen the post and forwarded it onto the department in charge of handing out citations for dog owners who didn't register their dogs to use the park.

What actually happened, however was Adamski expressing her concern over the number of dogs who had contracted kennel cough from the dog park, but was relieved that she hadn't purchased a permit (meaning she had not been there with her dog since 2013).

The fine was rescinded with Executive Director Marcy DeMauro of the Forest Preserve District stating the department doesn't monitor social media although it might use information as a tip to investigate further. DeMauro also assured everyone that officers would have to verify information - meaning they would go to the dog park first and check on permits before taking any legal action.

So much for walking the dog in the park!

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