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Illinois woman steals ugly dress, posts selfie and gets arrested

Not sure who should have been called first, the fashion police or the local authorities. A pregnant Illinois woman stole a fluorescent leopard print dress from a local boutique and was arrested thanks to stupid self-obsession reported StyleList on Tuesday.

Daniell Saxton stole an ugly dress, posted a selfie, and was arrested within hours.

According to Yahoo Shine a 27-year-old pregnant woman, Danielle Saxton, of West Frankfort, Illinois allegedly stole a neon rainbow leopard print sundress with a black lace waistband. In her haste to show off her new “acquisition,” the reported thief posted pictures of her hideous dress on Instagram and Facebook, just hours after the apparent theft. Not only does Saxton lack fashion sense, she is a few quarters short of a dollar.

At the same time as the selfie shots hit social media, Kert Williams, son of the owner of Morties Boutique, located in the same small town Danielle Saxton resides in, posted a request for help on his Facebook page. “If anyone sees a girl wearing a neon leopard dress walking around and looks pregnant, stop her or call me - they just stole it from our store!"

Word spread like wildfire throughout Facebook as the small town residents saw the dress on Saxton’s page and contacted Morties, who then called police. It didn’t take long for authorities to close in on Danielle, who had an outstanding warrant for another arrest in a different county, and had also allegedly stolen a shirt, sunglasses, jewelry and items from a consignment store near the boutique.

The owner’s son saw Danielle Saxton running from his boutique with a handful of clothing as he arrived. Kert was concerned and examined his security footage. Williams, the manager of Morties, told Yahoo, “she came here at three, was arrested by six and went to jail by nine.” Thanks to self-obsession, the stupid thief with a bad sense of style was caught swiftly with the help of social media.

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