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Illinois Teaching Certification Tests Rules Revisited

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The Illinois Teaching Certification Tests has caused some controversy over the 5 limit test taking policy. In June of 2014 teachers can now take the certification tests as many times as they would like. According to ICTS the rules have been changing constantly in the past 5 years. If teachers are planning to take any combination of tests they can now register for a test date and retake only what is needed. Teaching candidates can now visit the ICTS website and follow the necessary steps needed to register for a particular test. Teaching candidates may consult with their education facility to best understand the requirements for becoming a teacher in the state in which they reside. In Illinois the teaching certifications are now being referred to as a Licensure.

Teachers have since long been worried about the passing or failing of different tests to become a teacher. There have been boycotts in different school districts where teachers feel there is no need for standardized testing. They believe that Standardized Tests has no reflection on what a child is retaining. The new Common Core Standards are raising the bar on students knowledge, but are the American Students ready for such high standards? What is your view on Common Core Standards? or other Standardized Tests?

Recent years have been hard for teachers. Teachers have been blamed and shamed for failing our students. Parents are children's teachers first, but where is the accountability? The stake is high, the pressure is on, the blame has been shifted towards teachers. Teachers are faced with over crowded schools, budget cuts, school closings. Children are being shifted around to different schools while administration try to figure out why our children are failing?

It does not take a Scientist to understand stability in schools today. It doesn't take a scholar to understand meeting children's physiological needs first. Understanding the poor economy first and how teachers are trying to teach a child who came from a home without lights, no food, and no stability. It's hard to understand, but pointing the finger and shifting blame only makes it possible to keep failing children across the board. It's time for this country to wake up and become the America we all once knew, where other countries would send their children to get educated. Are we failing America's children?, and how do we fix this epidemic of Standardized ignorance?