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Illinois Primary: Why forced to choose?

Choose wisely!
Choose wisely!

Welcome to Chicago; Cook County. Home of the Democrat machine.

Despite most Chicagoans voting democratic, I'm sure there are plenty of voters who would love to make a choice in who would run as the Republican candidate for Governor.

Why are we as Americans forced to declare and choose only one party? This does no benefit to the voter and gives all the leverage to the parties.

In Cook County, for example, they can look up your voting history and then decide whether to support your business plan. "We see you voted Republican last primary...maybe we'll support your competitor who voted for our party".

I'm sure the same thing happens downstate, just switch the parties.

That is too much information for these parties to use to demand allegiance. How about next time around, we do away with declaring and allow the citizenry the choice of who they want on the general election ballot.

What do you think?

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