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Illinois pet rescues fighting a tough battle

If only something could be done to prevent pet rescue issues!
If only something could be done to prevent pet rescue issues!

Today in the DuPage County Daily Herald, Susan Sarkauskas, submitted a very honorable article about one Illinois pet rescue organization helping another in Tennessee. Batavia-based Casey’s Safe Haven Horse and Dog Rescue travelled all the way to Tennessee to help Hardeman Adoptable Animals in Bolivar update their facility which takes in dogs to save them from being needlessly euthanized.

While all of the work being done is admirable, sometimes it may seem like a thankless job when puppy mills continue to breed and over-breed some very loving dogs that just happened to be swept up into a very bad predicament. Without realizing, every person that purchases an adorable puppy from a shop that sells puppies is adding to the difficulty of rescues everywhere.

There are better ways to obtain a puppy; reputable breeders are everywhere and the little dogs do not cost any more from a breeder than they do from a puppy retailer. The fact is, the little dogs you will get from a reputable breeder will be bred in ideal conditions, be loved and cared for both by its mother for an ideal period and also by the human breeder, too.

Puppy mill puppies are bred with one purpose in mind and that is to make money. The puppies you see are the ‘cream of the crop,’ if you will. They are the prettiest, cutest, and most likely to be sold. So what happens to the rest? Well that information is better left for a much more depressing article sometime in the future.

The fact is if all people simply stopped purchasing puppies from retail organizations then the problem could come to a head. Not all retailers had bad ideas in mind, but as human beings, the thought of making an easy buck is sometimes all one needs to find the quickest and surest way to get involved – and that is just what some breeders did.

Puppy mill mother dogs are bred and bred until they just can’t breed any more. Once their duty is fulfilled they are put down like a bad animal simply because they are no longer able to bring in a quick buck.

The puppies bred in these conditions are not all ideal either. Many of the dogs are born with health issues; over breeding tends to cause many of these as does too much interbreeding. The dogs may have physical issues that may be external or internal or they may even have behavioral issues.

Getting into the breeding locations of puppy mill dogs is yet another topic to be left for another discussion. Leave it to say that conditions are far less than ideal!

Thankfully there are organizations like Casey’s Safe Haven that not only rescue animals, but help to rescue other rescue organizations as well! The fact remains, however, that these good organizations really have their work cut out for them. The more they work for overall good, the more work there seems to be!

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