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Illinois: Gay couples can now obtain marriage licenses statewide

Public support for same-sex marriage is growing.
Public support for same-sex marriage is growing.
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Same-sex couples in Illinois can now get marriage licenses across the state. According to a report by the Associated Press on March 5, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan gave clearance to county clerks to begin issuing marriage licenses immediately.

Same-sex marriage in the state of Illinois gained a major victory when the bill passed the House by in November. Illinois became the 16th state to legalize gay marriage after Gov. Pat Quinn signed legislation. The same-sex marriage law allows for wedding to start taking place on June 1, but after a federal judge in Chicago ruled that the original ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional, couples in Cook County can get married immediately.

The ruling raised the question from Macon County Clerk Stephen Bean who questioned whether other counties would be allowed to issue licenses based. In response to Bean, Madigan responded in letter that licenses can start being issued to any same-sex couple requesting one in any county due to the fact that current restrictions on gay marriage were ruled unconstitutional.

Gov. Pat Quinn wrote in a statement that every county clerk should quickly follow Madigan’s guidance.

“Following this guidance, the Illinois Department of Public Health will now accept all marriage licenses issued by any county clerk in Illinois.”

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