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Illinois businesses, come to Indiana; we won't tax you to death!

Dear Chicagoans and Illinois residents, how much longer are you going to stand for the insane taxes that Illinois imposes upon you for the privilege of living in the Land of Lincoln?

You've got high sales taxes, car stickers and now the state wants to increase your income tax rate by 75%!

What don't these politicians understand? Did they not hear the uproar of the last election? People are fed up with big government. Instead of asking us to pay more to fund your corrupt and inefficient practices, maybe you can downsize the bureaucracies that don't contribute at all to the economy.

You officials are so short-sighted. This temporary fix will cause the brightest and richest people to move away from Illinois. For those, especially business owners, I offer you this advice. Move to Indiana, where we appreciate your business rather than making you jump through hoops to set up shop here.

Chicago is a beautiful city and I am proud to have grown up in the Chicago area, so with that said, I fear for Chicago's future. You ask too much of your residents and of the visitors to your city. If you continue to be fiscally tyrannical to your residents, you will someday look like Detroit.

One day, people are going to decide it's not worth it to live in Chicago, having to pay high taxes and they'll move out. It will be white flight in Chicago once again. Who then will pay for the Democratic machine to continue to hire family members, and give out patronage jobs?

For sports fans, you too should fear the income tax hike. Sports stars, the big ones that you crave, look at the state and whether they have an income tax or not. With a higher tax coming to Illinois workers, they too will look to other markets to ply their trade.

Simple solution Illinois. Cut taxes, cut government employees and stop voting in the same clowns that have made all of this mess. Until Chicago wakes up and stops voting Democrat all the time, maybe then the corruption will end. You get what you vote for. Is life getting better based on the votes you've cast? If you say yes, you're either crazy or very lucky.


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