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Illegals will be coming to a city near you, and they could be Chinese!

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KFI640 Talk Radio in Los Angeles reported on an email, which you can see here, written by FEMA and sent out by the
White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, requesting emergency shelter options in states and communities throughout the US. It then lists a special email to send any suggestions.

The email outlines specific requirements for shelters- facilities must be within 50 miles of a major city and airport, able to be fenced in, available for lease and move-in ready. It lists suggestions for the types of facilities preferred. They include office spaces, warehouses, big box stores, hotel or dorms, aircraft hangars and shopping malls.

Instead of stopping this horrific influx of sometimes diseased children, teenagers, gang bangers and terrorists, the U.S. has chosen to spread them throughout the United States. The president, who is supposed to protect and defend, is instead, destroying the country.

According to the National Review Online, the influx of Central American illegal immigrants appears to have attracted the attention of Chinese nationals seeking to gain access to the United States. Border Patrol union officials in the Rio Grande Valley Sector tell National Review Online they’ve noticed a recent uptick in the number of Chinese border crossers. While the Obama administration has sought to attribute the spike in Central Americans coming to the U.S. to poverty and regional violence, no such explanation exists for the arrival of Chinese immigrants.

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