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Illegals behaving illegally

Gardener on the attack-slide0

The gardeners had been told not to blow or weed-whack debris onto the tenants' parked vehicles. They had been told to inform management prior to endeavoring into such work so that management could relay that to tenants who would prefer move their cars to the gardeners blowing debris and dirt onto their cars.

Gardener on the attack

On the 10th of March, a tenant going to his car noticed debris and dirt covering his car. He also noticed the gardener weed-whacking away who had yet to notice of him taking a photo of him in action. After confronting the gardener about the freshly cut green refuse on his car, the gardener say in very broken English that he would leaf blow it off the car. When told he was not supposed to do it, he slipped into 'I don't know English' mode and said "poquito, poquito," insinuating that it was not a big deal, as he really didn't attempt to keep a knowing antagonist smile from his face.

When asked to see his boss-man, the gardener took off for his truck. The tenant followed him with his camera in hand, and took photos of the truck so that management could identify the gardener behaving badly.

The gardener than grabbed a four foot iron rod from the back of his work truck. He then advanced towards the tenant with the iron rod in a attack position. Since the tenant had his camera out already he was able to snap photos of the gardener not only approaching but swinging the rod at the tenant's head. Had the tenant not jumped back as the gardener swung for a head-shot, the iron rod would have impacted the tenant's head.

The tenant, quite surprised by this development, exclaimed to the gardener that what he was doing is illegal, and that perhaps in his place of origin that is how things are settled, but by the rule of law here, that is illegal. The gardener continued his taunting with the rod, and the tenant went inside to phone LAPD.

About an hour later an officer showed up to find only the boss-man and his lackey there laughing about the whole thing in the tenant's face. The officer filed a an assault with a deadly weapon report, which as of the end of May has yet to be investigated.

The assailant has yet to be apprehended, and due to his illegal and undocumented status, there is no way to verify his identity. He remains at large and possibly out gardening in a yard near you. Beware.

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