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Illegal teens now get free food, lodging and healthcare at U.S. military bases

Illegals now get free food, lodging and healthcare at US military bases
Illegals now get free food, lodging and healthcare at US military bases
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At a cost of $252 per day, per immigrant, the United States government has launched a massive “get into the U. S. free” plan with no exit in sight. In the package, illegals will receive free food, lodging, healthcare, and clothing.

The Department of Homeland Security notified military bases just three days ago that once “secure” bases will now be reservations for thousands of Latin American teenagers that have somehow infiltrated the borders of the United States and need a place to live. Apparently, the federal law that requires anyone entering a military base to have valid, current photo ID, will not apply.

There was no discussion, it was a directive, and commanders at bases are scrambling to prepare.

The illegal immigrants are unaccompanied minors, mostly between the ages of 13 and 17, and will now call U.S. military bases home for an undetermined length of time. A huge influx is set to arrive Tuesday, June 10, at Fort Sill in Okla., and Port Hueneme near Ventura, Calif.

Base rules and protocols have recently been tightened with a home-based garrison military. Authorities are already wondering how these rules and regulations will be upheld with non-English speaking juveniles.

What’s more, these children have no guardians or protectors to ensure they are not abused inside the makeshift system.

Private citizens are calling the Department of Homeland Security’s plan a “gangland training center.” Others are worried that female teens who have entered this country already pregnant will pose an entirely new set of problems for the American government.

One Marine officer asked: “Will Soldiers be kicked off base and need to be paid a housing allowance in order to accommodate these illegals?”

When Hurricane Katrina hit the Southern coastline in 2005, Soldiers returning from Iraq were confronted with hundreds of displaced Mississippi citizens who had taken refuge inside Camp Shelby. Should the worst happen again, would U.S. citizens in Harm's Way be turned away from military bases because living quarters were full of illegal Latinos?

Currently, hundreds of U.S. troops are returning from Afghanistan. Will their bases be available for them to demobilize?

Clearly, there are more questions than answers for this pending governmental nightmare.

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