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Illegal slaughter farm operator in Miami-Dade charged with animal cruelty

Raul Segundo Fernandez was arrested on Wednesday by the Miami-Dade Police Department and faces several counts of animal cruelty for the egregious treatment and torture of farm animals in an illegal slaughterhouse operation in unincorporated Miami Dade reported a press release from The Animal Recovery Mission,(ARM) a Florida based non profit animal welfare organization.

Known as "Freaky" Fernandez faces seven counts of felony animal cruelty.
Miami Dade Police Department/ CBS

Richard "Kudo" Couto, the founder of ARM, headed the investigation calling it "Operation Noche Buena." (Good night)

Fernandez, known to others as "Freaky," operated the slaughter facilities selling hundreds of animals including pigs, sheep, and goats. Many of the animals were sick, but still sold for their meat for human consumption.

In an undercover video, filmed between December 24 and January 2014, a hidden camera worn by an investigator posing as a customer, showed "Freaky" overseeing seven laughing workers who stabbed, shot, sawed, gutted, hammered, and beat the animals before and during the slaughter process.

"Freaky" has been charged with seven counts of animal cruelty; all third degree felonies.

One particularly disturbing scene, shows a worker shoot a pig, callously insert steel hooks into the still conscious, suffering animal's mouth, and then drag it along a stone driveway to an area where he poured water on it and then began to butcher it alive.

Even more heinous, children as young as eight-years-old, are forced to watch the atrocities.

The farm, located at 17734 NE Ave., sits on an environmentally protected wetlands area. Blood, body parts, and other waste products continue to contaminate the public water supplies as well as harm sensitive ecosystems.

This same property was previously investigated for illegal slaughter operations in 2009 and is owned by Carlos Casas. Raided on January 19, 2010 by Couto's organization, that investigation led to raids and the disbandment of 70 illegal slaughter, fighting and animal sacrifice operations.

Many of these violations and charges are still pending.

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