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Illegal Miami slaughter farm operator charged with animal cruelty refused bond

Raul "Freaky" Fernandez was denied bond for the second time in a Miami bond hearing courtroom meeting on Monday morning. Judge Stacy Glick read the report that Fernandez was in violation of parole and now faces seven counts of animal cruelty while running an illegal slaughter farm reports

Nicknamed "Freaky" because of his horrendous torture of animals at the Miami slaughter farm he operated, hundreds of animals died in excruciating agony.  g
Miami Dade Police Department/ARM

The judge stated each one of the seven counts of animal cruelty would cost $25,000 to bond out, however the probation violation forbids him from leaving jail.

Fernandez is also banned from the farm.

On March 26, Fernandez was arrested by Miami-Dade Police Department after a five year investigation by The Animal Recovery Mission, (ARM) a Florida nonprofit animal welfare organization.

Fernandez had allegedly been nicknamed "Freaky" because of his egregious treatment of the pigs, sheep, and goats he slaughtered in the most horrendous cruelty imaginable.

Undercover video, filmed by Richard "Kudo" Couto, the founder of ARM, documented the abusive treatment of animals as they were hammered, stabbed, and boiled alive while screaming in agony.

To read the original story about the investigation, please click here.

Be warned the video that is included with this article is extremely graphic and violent. This video is not suitable for all viewing audiences.

Fernandez was already on probation for previous crimes involving drug trafficking when he was arrested last week. Fernandez now faces seven felony third degree charges of animal cruelty.

The farm, located at 17734 NE Ave., sits on an environmentally protected wetlands area. Blood, body parts, and other waste products continue to contaminate the public water supplies as well as harm sensitive ecosystems.

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