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Illegal immigration issues come to Madison School District

The beauty of Arizona is being overshadowed by their new immigration law.
The beauty of Arizona is being overshadowed by their new immigration law.

At the end of April, Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona signed the nation’s toughest bill on illegal immigration into law designed to identify, prosecute and deport illegal immigrants.The bill, slated to become active in August, requires immigrants to carry documentation proving their legitimate status.

The bill has caused vocal outcries on both the negative and the positive side of the issue and several states have jumped on the band wagon and started the process of getting their own law on the books.

While Wisconsin hasn't broached the topic of adding their own immigration law, perhaps they should visit the issue after a recent gang-related murder. The Wisconsin State Journal  published on May 7 that:

"Mateo-Lozenzo, Billy Wenner-Say, 23, of Madison, Karen Giron-Cruz, 19, of Madison, Victor Prado-Velasquez, 16, of Fitchburg, and Franklin E. Yanez-Hernandez, 15, of Madison, have been charged with being party to first-degree intentional homicide in the murder of Antonio Perez.

All but Prado-Velasquez are illegal immigrants, according to Madison police."

The issue of illegal immigration is an issue of our state resources and taking jobs away that our legal residents could be working, but it can also be an issue of safety in our schools. Somehow Ivan Mateo-Lozenzo found a way to be registered as a junior at a local Madison school despite being 21 years old.

If there's one thing we are all striving for, it's safety in our schools and if it takes enforcing tougher immigration laws to insure that safety then that's what our law enforcers and makers should push for.


  • Joe Campana (Madison Headlines Examiner and Nation 5 years ago

    Two years ago Wisconsin School Districts had a warning signal when a 33 year old mother stole her daughter's identity to enroll in high school and join the cheerleader team. That incident made international news. What did we learn.

    For the third consecutive year I have been invited by the Association of School Business Officials to conduct a privacy and security workshop at their international conference. However, attendance is a handful out of the thousands that attend.

    Unfortunately privacy, security and identity theft do not seem to be issues of concern to Wisconsin's Leadership unlike other other states.

    Schools do not require any substantial form of identification from the parents or the children. When questioned, schools hide behind the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act stating they cannot discuss the matter because of privacy laws.

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