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Illegal immigration can destroy

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The elections of June 10th 2014 will show that motivated conservatives who are against a path to legal status amnesty can overcome the political odds established by the media. I wanted to write about a lot of immigration issues, but I was involved in a very important Primary Runoff race. TEA Party Candidate Scott Flippo defeated GOP Establishment John Burris during the Tuesday runoff 3,913 to 3,712. Groups that also support illegal immigration gave $37,650 to Burris while Flippo raised $22,250 from mainly conservative activist. Illegal immigration was not an issue in this race, but could be after the Eric Cantor defeat & the illegal alien invasion occurring on the southern border.

Eric Cantor, the Karl Rove Consultant Class, The Chamber of Crony Capitalist Commerce, overrated media pundits, & the amnesty crowd were defeated by conservative activist supporting David Brat. Illegal immigration wasn't the only factor in the Virginia 7th Congressional Race, but it sure didn't help Rep. Cantor win the "Hispanic Vote" or his primary run. Fake conservative/objective media pundits like Brit Hume tried to downplay the defeat of amnesty. The Lindsey Graham race was propped up despite the fact that his opposition consisted of 6 divided candidates running for a US Senate Seat. The illegal alien agenda is now try to justify an Obama executive order amnesty, but with so many scandals & so close to an already bad election for Democrats, this is becoming less likely.

Conservative activist must celebrate the victory over Cantor, & use it as motivation to defeat amnesty sympathizers across the nation. Elections in Arkansas aren't until November, but there is an upcoming Primary where Arkansas activist could take part. The Mississippi Primary Runoff Election will take place June 21, 2014. Both candidates oppose the path to legal status amnesty, but TEA Party candidate Chris McDaniel is most likely to be willing to support self deportation laws.

Colorado, Maryland, New York, Oklahoma, & Utah will have primaries June 24th.

Another great article about the GOPE Amnesty arrogance.

Amnesty supporters won't help us in fighting for gun rights, stopping abortion, lowering taxes, or stopping regulations, but they love to send violent and loud mobs everywhere.


Articulating the argument against Amnesty can win

Check out this awesome comment from someone Karl Rove, Fox News, & the liberal media don't care about:

I gave about $100 to Brat's campaign over the last couple of months. Having had a loved one die at the hands of an illegal alien driving drunk, I'm a one issue voter. I became one the day my brother died over 10 years ago. Even though I'm in Texas, my best friend lives in Cantor's district. She never votes. Ever. Too disgusted with the GOP, and quite understandable. I told her that she had to vote this one time for every person that's been affected by the consequences of mass immigration. Whether it's the loss of a loved one, the loss of one's property values or the loss of one's job. She texted me after the upset and said, I can't believe my vote mattered. Thanks NUSA for all you've done for the cause and special thanks to the voters of VA-7.


Cowardly 3rd world governments & media are dumping illegal aliens into the US in coordination with the corrupt Obama Regime to overwhealm the Border Patrol.

Former Border Agents Say Flood of Illegal Alien ‘Youth’ Was ‘Orchestrated’ by Obama


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