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Illegal immigration: A government created mega crisis

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Thousands and thousands of illegal immigrant “children” are showing up at the doorsteps of several states here in the U.S. putting heavy burdens on towns and cities across the country.

While perusing information about why all these “children” are being sent here this writer came across several possible reasons. The first and probably the most significant are this president’s lack of concern for America’s citizens and the safety of our borders.

Then there is this administration’s design to create as much chaos in this country to take our focus away from the other things they are doing to turn us into a third world country. It is this writer’s opinion that this is just one of the many crises this administration is using to turn our attention away from what they are doing from within. Frankly, I think they are doing a pretty good job. They know that this crisis needs some immediate attention; we cannot ignore it. Meanwhile this administration is working to complete its mission of fundamentally transforming our country.

I know there are those out there who are going to call me a conspiracy theorist, but that’s okay. Call me what you will, but I don’t trust this government by any stretch of the imagination. Why should I; why should you? You don’t really think that there is no ulterior motive in the president allowing all of these illegals to cross our borders, do you?

Do some research, you will find that the government via the EPA, the U.N., the DHS, and other government agencies are trying to pass regulations that limit people’s use of farmland, water, even where there is little except during the rainy season, what we can or cannot grow on our property, using geo-engineering to control the weather, creating FEMA camps to house people but have barbed wire fencing surrounding the area with the barbed wire facing in to keep people in; not out. This writer has seen videos from trusted sources that show that these things are really happening. Of course the general public isn’t going to hear about it. Why would they make it known? That’s why it’s important for individuals to take time and research these things so we know what is going on and perhaps we can prepare and do something to stop it before it’s too late.

This is not to scare you, well, maybe, but it’s really to inform you and help you understand that you are not being told everything you need to know.

Now, let’s get to the subject at hand. People are being placed in very difficult positions with the increased influx of illegal immigrants and now all of these children are coming, not just from Mexico but from Central America. They are being told that they are being sent here because once they are across our borders, they will be taken care of and provided whatever they need, including an education. How absurd that is. We have people here that are in dire circumstances and can’t even get the help they need; yet we are supposed to provide for illegals?

We have veterans that can’t get the help that they need after they have served our country honorably and have come back with injuries that have been life changing for them. Some are doing good and getting on with their lives while others wait and wait just to see a doctor and get treatment for their injuries. We have seniors who are finding themselves without health insurance or with premiums they can’t afford. We have people who are looking for work and some who have been looking for months and even years and cannot find one or if they do, it doesn’t pay enough and they have to take on a second or third job just to make ends meet. Yet, it’s okay for this administration to allow thousands of illegals to cross our borders expecting our people to pay for their keep.

In researching for this article, there was an example given at the Baltimore Sun online about an illegal immigrant who came here and became a doctor and saved a woman’s life. This was to illustrate the benefits that illegals can bring to the U.S. The question raised here is why couldn’t he have come legally and accomplished the same thing? Well, it could be that coming here illegally gave him privileges that allowed him to get reduced student loan payments or even forgiveness loans from the government. That’s really not so far-fetched, do you think, given this president’s propensity for giving away freebies to illegals.

Oh, and it might be noted here that supporters for amnesty for these illegal immigrants have more or less convinced some news media to change their policy of referring to them as illegal immigrants. These left wingers do not want the word illegal attached to their description. According to, immigration reform advocates are beginning to refer to illegal immigrants as “undocumented Americans”

To refer to them as Americans is a slap in the face to those who worked so hard and long to come here the right way. It’s not fair to our citizens and it’s not fair to the children that are being carted away from their families like a bunch of cattle and arriving only to find themselves in crowded areas where there’s very little room to move about.

The close living conditions make a good setup for a lot of health problems to develop or for already sick children to pass their sickness on to someone else. This could pose a serious problem for the areas where the children are being held. Without the necessary medical screenings that they should get, there is always the possibility of disease spreading among them, causing an epidemic of some kind or even a pandemic. Hopefully this won’t happen, but given the circumstances, it could happen.

The increased influx of children coming across our borders now are being orchestrated by “coyotes” who pretend to be social workers trying to take them away from dangers in their respective countries to a safer and more secure future in the U.S. When they get across the border they are either bused or flown to cities or towns across America with no notice to the citizens who live there.

This has resulted in protesters gathering and turning away buses and refusing them entrance. In turn, these children and adults are being sent to other unsuspecting places. This president has caused a real humanitarian situation that we don’t seem to have the answer to. He just doesn’t get it. More to the point, he doesn’t care. He has more important things to do like fund-raising for the upcoming 2014 elections.

Since 2009 Obama has been using his “executive authority” to either block or limit ICE agents’ ability to follow the immigration laws already on the books. Where, once, there were strict rules for applying for citizenship and lengthy steps they had to take in order to assimilate into American society and receive their official citizenship documents, Obama has pushed that aside in order to fulfill his agenda.

What is his agenda? Well, it’s not to create greatness and prosperity; it is to pit everyone against themselves and each other and using an influx of unwanted and unneeded illegal immigrants as his way of helping to move his agenda forward. Yes, I said illegal immigrants because that’s what they are until they go through the same legal channels that every naturalized citizen in the U.S. went through.

Obama sees himself and his administration as above the law and having the power to do whatever they want with no repercussions. Who is making this all possible? Well, we have been watching Obama over-ride his authority for about six years now and what have we, as a people done about it? How many of us have taken the time to stand in support of our Constitution and fight against Obama’s unlawful use of his executive authority? We have complained a lot about it and some have tried, at local levels, to fight against it. There has been much written about it, documentaries have been made and we have even contacted federal officials in Congress to let them know how we feel.

That is all well and good but what has it actually accomplished? Have there been any actions taken to stabilize our present immigration laws? Has it hastened our Congress to stop this unlawful action by our president? Does our congress do anything to support those who protest the arrivals of illegal immigrants at our borders?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s the understanding of this writer that the House controls the purse strings for our country. Now, if that is so, why aren’t they using that power to force this president to do what should be done: not only with immigration but with our economy, jobs, healthcare, our military or any other matter that is afflicting our country? Why is Obama being allowed to funnel millions and billions of dollars to groups and countries that do not have our best interest at heart? Oh, that’s right we have a gutless Speaker of the House.

Cities across America have been trying to enforce our already established immigration laws only to be attacked for doing so by this administration. It’s a shame that when our immigration laws are being enforced as they should be, the federal government sues them for doing so. So when we follow the law, it doesn’t fit their agenda so we get sued. This is not the country I grew up in and I would probably be speaking for a whole lot of other Americans when I say that. Laws were not made to be broken and that is most assuredly true of our immigration laws and all of our Constitutional laws.

Even though it is evident that our borders are in great need of having a secure fence erected and ample guards stationed at every entry and exit point on our borders, nothing of any consequence has been done to see that our borders are secure. Yet, this administration will say that our borders are more secure now that ever. If this was really the case, we would not see the huge influx of illegal immigrants crossing our borders daily and they wouldn’t be flown or bused to towns and cities here in the U.S. to be taken care of by the tax payers.

For years, now, Obama, the DHS, the courts and other federal departments have been blocking efforts to detain illegals, deport them and secure our borders. They continue to fight states that make any attempt to follow our immigration laws and instead totally ignore them and the president over-reaches with his executive orders.

If you check out what I.C.E. reports about how things are going with the immigration problem, you will find that what they are telling the public and what is really going on is not matching up. They are protecting criminal illegals and making it so they look like they’re not criminals. Now, what is that all about? Why would anyone do such a thing?

In 2010 Obama and his administration began using every back door tactic they could to protect these illegal immigrants who are more than just illegal immigrants; many of them are criminals who are being given a free pass to enter our borders by not allowing them to be stopped or detained by Border Agents.

According to The Associated Press, in October 2011, Border Patrol field offices throughout the country were given orders from DHS headquarters to stop regular inspections at transportation centers at the borders and inside the country. This action made no sense since these regular inspections were an effective way to catch criminal immigrants, including smugglers and possible terrorists according to Border Patrol Agents.

Of course more law suits continued throughout the country. For instance, in October 2011 the Obama administration sued South Carolina for implementing their immigration enforcement law. In November, they sued Utah for the same reason.

These same actions of retaliation by this administration continued on into 2012. In fact, it even went so far as to close nine Border Patrol Stations in the name of using their personnel more effectively. Do you really think so? Closing Border Patrol stations are going to make our borders safer and their personnel more effective? Am I missing something here? It seems to me, that their personnel could be more effective with more stations opened and being manned with Border Patrol Agents. What kind of reasoning suggests that closing established border patrol stations is going to make our borders more secure?

Do you see what this administration has been doing over the last five or six years? Granted our immigration laws should have been better enforced long before Obama, but he and his administration have done nothing but tear apart our immigration laws just like they have been tearing apart our Constitution.

All that this writer has to say, now that Obama has given illegal immigrants a free pass to cross our borders in numbers that are beyond what we can reasonably handle is, “Wake Up, People!” What are we waiting for? Does anyone actually believe that anyone in this administration, including Congress is going to do anything to enforce our immigration laws and Constitutional laws?
If you are one who does, dream on. The only way we are going to have our immigration laws enforced as they should, is to take these matters into our own hands. Does that scare you?

Look, this writer isn’t looking for an all-out revolution with guns and fighting in the streets. What I am suggesting is a true united action by conservative patriotic Americans across the country taking our country back. No one in our government is going to do it, so it must fall into our hands. The thing is (and I’ve said this time and time again), it has to be a massive united effort planned and organized so that Washington, D.C. is flooded by a million plus Americans around their border with a new Declaration of Independence from the tyranny of this administration. In one united body, we could remove them from office and replace them with those of our own choosing temporarily to regain our country and Constitution as set forth by our forefathers. I have also said this before: Our Constitution is not outdated as some would have us think, it is just under-used just like our other documents that tell us how to secure our freedoms and our country.

So, my fellow Americans, are there any of you who are willing and able to make such a commitment? Are there any of you out there with skills enough to organize such an undertaking? Are there any out there willing to back up and support the efforts others put forth to make it happen? Are there enough real Americans out there who are sick and tired of the bureaucracy, back-door deals, executive orders, ineptness, stupidity, corruption, anti-Americanism and down- right lies from this administration to put yourselves in the shoes of our forefathers and demand that our country be returned to us, the people of the United States of America? Are we, as a nation ready to stand strong and tall with no reservations to reclaim our country?

Mr. Obama is so self-absorbed in what he wants, which is the destruction of our country as we have always known it, that he will stop at nothing to make sure he has fundamentally changed our country so that it fits in with the NWO.

Recently, we have seen a large influx of illegal immigrants not only from Mexico, but from some Central American countries, as well. According to the Baltimore Sun, newspapers here in the U.S. are sporting headlines about violence and drug cartels across the country as the reason for so many coming from Central American countries. However, they say that the headlines are old ones dating from 1987 to 2007. So, is this just a ploy to get us to agree to take those they send here by busloads?

This president has caused a real humanitarian situation that we don’t seem to have the answer to. His executive orders have completely turned our immigration laws into a complete farce since he has been unwilling to enforce them. Congress is just as much at fault. They have control of the purse strings and yet, they are not using their power of the purse to force Obama’s hand on securing our borders and enforcing our existing immigration laws. So now we have a situation that may not have a viable solution because this president is always putting politics and fundraising ahead of everything that is his responsibility to deal with.

Hey, everyone, this information just came in an email from Freedom Outpost. You may find this very interesting. It seems that the illegals being shipped here are coming from countries in Central America with the highest rate of homicides in the world---not just in their country, but the world. One of these countries is Honduras that has about a 5 times higher rate than Chicago. So what are the chances that we are being sent some of the most dangerous gangs or gang members from those areas to add to those already here in the U.S.?

Do you think all this is happening by chance? Think again; this is just part of Obama’s plan to destroy America.

Here’s another report coming from Freedom Outpost. Friday night there were shots fired in Rincon Peninsula, Texas. Border Patrol agents were forced to take cover as shots were fired from a high powered .50 caliber rifle. The agents said they could tell it came from a .50 caliber rifle because it makes a distinct sound when it is fired. So now, Mr. President, tell us how safe our borders are when Border Patrol Agents are forced to take cover. Why did this shooting take place? Texas State Representative Louie Gohmert said, “This wasn’t just a random fire.”

Rep. Gohmert said, "When the shooting stopped, 40 or 50 people came out on the U.S. side and turned themselves in. So clearly, the rounds were being fired to suppress every effort to stop anybody intervening with anyone of anything coming across. We have no idea what or how or whom came across with the other illegal immigrants.”

It is believed that the shots came from members of the Mexican Drug Cartels. Mr. Obama, if our Border Agents are killed because you let them become sitting ducks instead of sending them help to secure the border and making sure there is a sturdy wall of sufficient height with barbed wire to protect them and our borders, you will be just as guilty of their deaths as you and your administration are in the deaths of the four Americans who died in Benghazi. You and all those responsible for those deaths or any others that result from your failure to carry out your responsibility, should be arrested, tried and convicted for your parts in their deaths.

Mr. President, don’t go about telling us that our borders are secure when we know they are anything but secure. Who do you think you are fooling? Well, it’s not the American people. Over the past three days people have been holding protests across the country because they know what you’re doing to our country. Your actions or rather lack of actions for securing our borders and your brazenly open disdain for our immigration laws have led to a mass intrusion into our country of illegal immigrants who feel they have a right to be here and who expect the tax payers to foot the bill for their care. Instead of being detained or sent back to where they came from, you have taken it on yourself to open our borders to anyone who wants to come here regardless of their intentions and reasons for being here. It appears that this is one way you hope to destroy our country from the inside out.

This weekend has seen some of those protests against illegal immigration that was mentioned earlier. They were held in some 321 cities across the country. They are good because they help get the word out to the people about how we need to see that our borders are more secure. It’s a way to get people fired up and ready to go to work to make things happen. Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) and their president, William Gheen is responsible for organizing these protests and it seems there has been much success. A new round of protests is scheduled to take place August 2 in states that have GOP primary elections August 5-7. These protests will take place in the election battleground states of Tennessee, Washington, and Michigan. They will happen outside the district offices of incumbent Republican lawmakers who support amnesty and on nearby overpasses. So, if you live in these areas, plan to be there to help with the protests and make your voices heard. Mr. Gheen says, “We want to have protests outside the offices of these amnesty supporters on August 2 to help educate voters about which lawmakers are to blame for our current illegal immigration crisis.”

James Neighbors, founder of Overpasses for America said, “We want to call attention to the important elections of 2014 and the issue of America’s illegal immigration crisis!” He further states, “We want our state groups to quickly organize and we want our most experienced protesters from across the nation to converge with us on Tennessee, Washington, and Michigan.”
Below are new links for the upcoming protests. If you would like to be a part of it, follow these links:

A Facebook event page for the new round of targeted protests against illegal immigration and GOP amnesty supporters at this link...

For more information or to schedule interviews, please contact James Neighbors ( or William Gheen (