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Illegal aliens to get municipal ID cards in New York City

New York City's Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday proudly put his signature on a city ordinance that will begin implementing a citywide identification (ID) card for all New Yorkers especially illegal aliens in his "sanctuary city," according to news sources on Friday that kept their coverage low-key.

Even de Blasio's name is fabricated. He changed it from his birth name Warren Wilhelm
Getty images/NYC Mayor's Officer

Critics see this ordinance -- which is falsely being touted as a law -- as one more lawless step towards de facto amnesty for about a half-million lawbreakers regardless of federal immigration laws.

According to de Blasio -- who made a name for himself in the 1980's by providing material support to the Marxist Sandinistas in Nicaragua -- the city will begin utilizing a new ID card system in January 2015, which will be issued free at taxpayer's expense to applicants during the program's first year.

The city ordinance will initiate the nation's most extensive local ID system for all applicants who show proof of identity and residency.

"The whole idea is to help the illegal aliens, who live in the Big Apple, to have an ID card that is required to receive certain government services which means freebies at taxpayers' expense. While these politicians in City Hall and on the city council pat themselves on the back, they are in fact breaking federal laws passed by the American people's representatives," said former police detective Sid Franes.

Det. Franes added, "They call it a law, but cities don't pass laws... they pass ordinances. With our current crop of politicians, it seems that the federal and state governments are doing things they were never intended to do, but actions that they should be taking are kicked to the curb."

"Today, this legislation will begin to provide New Yorkers with the dignity and peace of mind they deserve," said de Blasio, who has been criticized extensively and within months of being elected began suffering very low poll numbers and is characterized as "out of touch."

The mayor claimed upon signing the ordinance that he and his staff are working to have the ID recognized by banks, as well as connecting the ID with businesses.

According to the Democrats, city officials will work to protect the privacy of all information written in ID card applications which will never ask applicants about their immigration status.

But besides many New Yorkers and Americans, the city's ACLU chapter, New York Civil Liberties Union, is concerned with the protection of confidential information on everyone including American citizens.

"Unfortunately, the bill... also provides for the city to copy and store people's most sensitive documentation, like pay stubs, Social Security numbers and even their children's educational records," the NYCLU said in their response statement.

"In this bill, the city has not done enough to protect those documents from being used by law enforcement. The NYPD, FBI., DHS. and others can request these documents without having to show probable cause," the statement said. "And if they are requested, the city has no obligation to even notify the person so they might be able to defend their own privacy."

"While on its face this latest move by a leftist politician may seem reasonable, it's just one more action that is slowly causing American citizenship to lose its significance and its privileges," said former intelligence officer and police lieutenant Lyle Prossman.

"In fact, I would venture to say that illegal aliens are receiving better and quicker access to healthcare than American citizens who served their countries fighting our wars and returned home wounded or ill," Prossman added.

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