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Illegal aliens' 'Fast for Familes' one more mockery of our national sovereignty

Fast for Families is the latest public relations stunt manufactured by the illegal alien lobby with the intent of tugging at our heartstrings so that we meekly surrender the right to protect our borders and those jobs that rightfully belong to Americans.

President Obama has visited these job thieves; so has Vice President Joe Biden and the Rev. Jesse Jackson. All three of them have said the same thing in so many words: They admire the willingness of those who disrespect our laws and now demand respect from the American people to risk "their health" for what they believe they are entitled to.

"We are very proud of you," Obama told the activists on behalf of his administration.

“I remain optimistic that we’re going to get this done. It’s more of a question of when not if. But I’d rather get it done sooner rather than later because each day, obviously, it’s not done makes it more difficult because we still have a system that’s not working for too many people.”

And "the system" is especially not working for the 20 million Americans who can't find a full-time job while the Obama Administration allows 7 million illegal aliens to keep their jobs in construction, manufacturing, transportation and services.

Illinois Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, paid lip service to this "fast" by forgoing food for at least 12 hours and saying, “I’m so inspired by the fasters and … how they’re willing to put their bodies on the lines, their health on the line to raise attention to an issue that is really tearing at the fabric of our country.” Schakowsky's "sacrifice" is no big deal. Anybody who's had a colonoscopy know you can easily survive on certain liquids for 24 hours.

"Putting their bodies on the line"? Not according to one of the fasters, who said he was just fine because he and his fellow fasters had "good medical care" standing by. So where's the danger and sacrifice in all of this?

As one immigration restrictionist activist recently said, "Fasting doesn't make it right."

For years the public has had to endure the nonsense about our "cruel" immigration laws that "tear families apart." Let's, as the late sportscaster Howard Cosell used to say, "Tell it like it is." When a person knowingly enters this country illegally, they immediately put their families in harm's way. There is no law preventing a deportee's family from leaving together. Bottom line: The sole responsibility for a family being "torn apart" rests with the lawbreaker.

I'm sorry, but there is just so much compassion and sympathy to go around, and I'm saving mine for the 20 million jobless Americans who go to bed at night wondering how they will provide for their families and whether they are still entitled to search for a better life in their own country.

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