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Illegal alien serial rapist in custody, after five years on-the-run

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On Wednesday, U.S. Marshals brought Baltazar Gabriel Delgado-Ros, 28, back to Palm Beach County (Fla.) where he was wanted for the rape of five women.

DNA evidence has linked Delgado-Ros to all five rapes, according to investigators.

All the incidents took place between April 2009 through September 2011.

All of the rape victims were beaten and even bitten.

CBS Miami reported:

He would come up behind them," explained Carol Gregg from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, "a lot of times they didn’t even know he was there, he would start punching them in the head and the face to gain compliance."

"He worked with the husband of one of the victims and would likely have had knowledge that the husband was out of the country on the night of the assault,"said Gregg.

At some point, the illegal alien fled back to his native Guatemala.

While Delgado-Ros was back in Guatemala, he was arrested for the attempted rape of a girl under the age of 12.

Delgado-Ros has been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault, robbery and burglary. He is currently being held in the palm Beach County Jail on an ICE detainer.

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