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Illegal alien repeatedly raped 11 and 13-year-old girls in North Carolina

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Earlier this week, Jorge Juarez-Lopez, 39, pleaded guilty in a Durham County courtroom to raping his live-in girlfriend's two young daughters.

The abuse began in 2012, when Juarez-Lopez drove the girls from Sacramento, Calif., to Durham, where their mother had found work at Macy's department store.

While at a hotel the Mexican national raped the 11-year-old, while her 13-year-old sister was in the shower.

Indy Week reported:

In Durham, Juarez-Lopez continued his abuse. He'd beckon the girls to a mattress downstairs after Anna left for work. Afterward, the girls sometimes used the bathroom to wash up. "Did you like it?" Juarez-Lopez asked once.

His crimes grew more brazen. He began assaulting the girls while Anna was in the house. Standing in an upstairs hallway, he made the teenager perform oral sex on him while he peered down the stairs to watch out for Anna. "I have a surprise for you," he once instructed the 11-year-old: "Don't tell your mother."

Eventually, the 13-year-old told a friend about the ongoing assaults, who, then in turn, told the girls' mother.

Juarez-Lopez was taken into custody on March 1, 2013.

Judge Robert Johnson sentenced Juarez-Lopez to two consecutive prison terms of 36 to 53 years.

Judge Johnson told the illegal alien:

By the time you serve the sentences I gave you you're going to be an old man."

Despite his illegal status in this country, Juarez-Lopez worked at a factory as well as a construction company in the Durham area.

Juarez-Lopez speaks no English and required a translator throughout the court proceedings.

Of course, the children of North Carolina have come under assault of late due to not only, the federal government;s refusal to enforce immigration laws, but also because of the so-called 'sanctuary policies' which shield illegal aliens from being reported for deportation. Every major city in the Tarheel state has adopted such a policy.

The North Carolina DMV also now issues driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

It's really very simple...when you lay out the welcome mat for criminals, they are going to come.

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