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Illegal alien rapes 12-year-old girl in North Carolina

Francisco Marquez Martinez
Francisco Marquez MartinezWinston-Salem Police Dept.

On Tuesday, the trial for 30-year-old Francisco Marquez Martinez began in Forsyth Superior Court for the brutal rape of a 12-year-old girl in her Winston-Salem home. The accused was hired to mow the family's lawn, but instead, reportedly forced his way inside the house and sexually assaulted the girl, once he discovered that her parents were not at the residence.

On June 22, 2012, Marquez knocked on the door and told the victim that he wanted to cut the grass a day earlier than planned. The girl then called her mom and handed the phone to the illegal alien, according to court documents.

Marquez then began cutting the grass, until it started to rain. He knocked on the door and asked if he could come inside, and though the girl told him no, he pushed his way into the kitchen.

The victim testified that he quickly grabbed her and began touching and kissing her. She ran into her mother's bedroom to get away, but Marquez chased after her, pushed her onto the bed, kissing her neck and breasts.

She fought back, shoving Marquez into a dresser. Though she ran into the bathroom, the Mexican national followed her and pushed her into the bathtub.

The News & Record reported:

She couldn’t see anything because it was dark but she heard Martinez unbuckle his pants. She said she felt pain when he assaulted her. She said she hit him and he stopped...Martinez, she said, ran out the back door.

In heartbreaking testimony, the girl told the court: "I was a virgin and I let somebody inside me, let somebody in the house." She also said that Marquez threatened her with violence is she told anyone about the assault.

The victim's 9-year-old sister was also in the house when the rape took place.

The girl was so frightened that she waited two days to tell her mother that she had been raped, at which time she was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. A rape kit was performed and police were notified.

Marquez has been charged with rape of a child, first-degree sex offense w/child and indecent liberties with a child. He is currently being held at the Forsyth County Detention Center.

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This is yet another example of the seemingly endless number of child sexual assaults taking place in North Carolina at the hands of illegal aliens. Another child's innocence has been lost to our open border with Mexico.