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Illegal alien has raped multiple women in North Carolina and Virginia

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Last week, Lesibe Simon Matsoake was convicted in Dare County Superior Court of first-degree rape and sentenced to between 20 and 25 years in prison. The rape took place in Kill Devil Hills on June 10, 2003.

The South African national has been charged with four other rapes, which were committed between 2003 and 2006. One of those occurred in Duck, NC, while three more took place in Virginia Beach.

Matsoake was living with his wife in Virginia Beach, at the time of the assaults. In 2007, Matsoake fled the country and went back to his native South Africa, according to court documents.

The Washington Daily News reported:

Matsoake had left behind hair clippers when he fled the country and it was DNA from the hair clippers that matched DNA collected in all five cases.

Matsoake was finally extradited back to the U.S. in 2012, and has been held in the Dare County Detention Center since his return. He will next face trial in Virginia Beach.

While the leadership of Virginia Beach has never formally declared the city to be a 'sanctuary' for illegal aliens, the way the leadership of Chicago or Tucson have done, it is very much a haven for foreign criminals. Of course, the resort city is dominated by hotels, restaurants, and housing developers, all of which employ tremendous numbers of illegal aliens.

Hotel owners often declare that they simply could not operate without the influx of Mexican and Central American nationals who can frequently be seen passed out drunk on the beach during the summer. The city has also seen thousands of over-priced cookie cutter homes built in the last several years, most of which have been constructed by illegal alien labor.

The building boom turned local convenience and home improvement store parking lots into gathering spots for groups of often drunken Latino men. While the city is very happy raking in huge profits in increased real estate taxes, they pass precious little of that revenue on to the citizens. While having a population of almost 450,000 residents, Virginia Beach still relies heavily on a volunteer rescue squad for medical emergencies.